Merrickville / Shops / The Wedge

“I’m the last man standing”


Merrickville antique shop owners, Bill and Pam Kenny, have had challenges in the last few years; but, their love of collecting the nostalgic and antique is unfettered. “I’m the last man standing,” says Bill Kenny as he recounts a group of six friends. They spent many years together, collecting and purveying antiques on Highway 43 on the edges of town.

The couple came to rest twelve years ago in the heart of town, purchasing the current location outright. WhistlePost Antiques was born. “The business is steady all year-round,” Kenny boasts, “The slowest is February.” This speaks volumes about this little town, a charming village where hardly an inch has been overlooked by creative hands.


Whistlepost Antiques, Merrickville

Bill also stands behind his wife, literally; Pam suffered a stroke three years ago and is no longer ambulatory. Her eyes sparkle as she introduces this writer to Gladys, the tall sculptured giraffe that welcomes all to the shop.

“In the winter she wears leggings and a coat,” Pam effuses.

The Whistlepost is easy to find in the heart of this Lilliputian, colorful village. Just, “cross the bridge and turn right,” folks say. Or lower the window and ask anyone, “Where is Gladys?”


Folk art throughout Whistlepost


Exotic child pull toy


Farm tractor toys are a Whistlepost favorite

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