Smiths Falls / The Wedge

SnoopDogg now Tweed Inc. shareholder : not the wooly type


Since the departure of Hershey from Smiths Falls, the 450,000 square feet void it left behind has been 40% filled by an oddity that still has locals scratching their heads, a medical marijuana plant. Yet, Tweed Inc. has returned a little livelihood to a town hit hard through no fault of theirs.

Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 6.51.36 PM


Last February the company inked a deal with an unlikely Partner. SnoopDogg, a rapper who hails from California and performs in the R rating rather than the G, is now married to the brand and the company. Tweed’s products are sold by prescription to help cancer patients among others. It is an odd coupling as reported by many.

Now Snoop is inextricably connected to the Town of Smiths Falls. The head scratching ensues.

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