Lanark County

ANNOUNCEMENT : New Pop-Up Auction biz launches in Lanark County

Screen shot 2016-07-28 at 9.57.50 PMAgape Auctions just launched this summer serving Lanark; but, it has its eyes set on many regions in East Ontario. It also offers on-line bidding; so, the reach is further.

It is an idea for this time. Auctions are far from new; many auctioneers in the region are excellent and vibrant. Agape will auction household goods, cars, small business and storage contents among others. The need is often driven by economic stress, downsizing or the passing of relatives located too far from kin to handle material goods effectively.

The unique model includes a brief, focused marketing campaign and a short auction with immediate payment–no consignments with long waits for auctions and remittances. Agape says, “it’s bing-bang-boom.” Many auctions could occur in a day, not far from each other, hosting the same customers; hence the pop-up, mobile concept. They are sure to remind that “agape” is a Greek root word for absolute love; a gentle manner is in all of its utterances.

Auctions for institutional fund-raising are also in the offing–silent or other. Agape procures corporate and philanthropic donations as part of its services. Hospitals for instance, lack funding for equipment and a host of non-profit institutions are perennially strapped for funds. Auctions often preface an event with many features including a dinner and staged performances.

It’s a good thing.

Here is Agape’s inaugural video:

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