Montague / The Wedge

Wildest Welcome


A large nested bald eagle and a large nested owl, perched high-up, flank the opening gates at this unique storage facility.  A sombrero-capped Mexican strumming a guitar and two inukshuks (Inuit stone sculptures) are the opening acts on the ground. Pro-Lock Storage Units By The Falls in Montague is the brain-child of Portland resident, Gary Greer.

IMG_2328“People think we are a theme park,” quips his wife and partner Mary, “school buses stop to take photos.” Oddly, Pro-Lock doubles as a tourist attraction.

The unique facility is a far cry from typical storage facilities. Large, insulated and hardy sea containers with weighty metal doors screech to an air-tight lock. They line the private road beyond the quirky portal waiting for renters.

Pro-Lock is near sold out and the couple is looking to add more containers. “They are hard to get,” Mary adds. She reports the containers need a lot of preparation to be storage-worthy and ready to house customers’ excess goodies.

Located on the South end of Montague just North of Smith Falls on Highway 15, the monolithic portal and sculptures are unmistakable. Turn on Sturgess Road and point your camera.


Artist, Currie, commissioned to carve Pro-Lock eagle


One of two inukshuks showcase Pro-Lock




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