The Wedge

The Wedge launches August 2016!

THE WEDGE LOGO 7 squareIt’s a new voice for East Ontario launched initially on the web; The Wedge went live August 2016.

The Wedge is positive. It’s creative. It’s fun and inspiring. It’s what you need with your coffee in the morning–to start your day with happy feet.

We call it The Wedge because the area covered is shaped like one; but, it is also wedged between Quebec to the North and USA to the South. And wedged in by two rivers, Ottawa River to the North and the St. Lawrence to the South. This is why we call East Ontarians, “Wedgees.”

There are so many waterways through The Wedge region, it is a prime location for discovery and holidays. Plus, the history is older than Canada; so, imagine the beauty and the photo-ops.

Look for coverage in your hamlet, town or city. Subscribe so you may know when you, your friends, your spots or your hometown are featured.

FEATURE PHOTO by The Wedge : Flying the British Flag at Perth’s 200th Birthday



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