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Gateway to all directions, even up !


Got an aha! moment this week. Smiths Falls is an opportune location for both residents and businesses. It’s accessible by road, rail, water and air as no other town in East Ontario. I discovered this of my own accord–not off a plaque in the Town’s office.

A clean, comfortable and rare, Via Rail stop which many access from afar is already a cause for access. The Rideau Canal crosses right through it with two locks; one is the oldest and most critical to the founding of our country.

Numerous highways lead to and from Smiths Falls; I envisage the town as a huge roundabout, sending you in any direction, North, West, East, South and everything in between. Brockville has a direct route as does Kingston. Perth and Carleton Place also have direct routes. These routes are dotted with renown port towns where you can hop on the Rideau with ease.

In fact, one route offers direct access to the 416 which takes you to Ottawa or the 401, lickety-split. This road also opens to one of Smiths Falls’s proudest achievements : Russ Beach Smiths Falls/Montague Airport.

This airport is busy with over 50 hangars housing over 100 aircraft. The Smith Falls Flying Club is one the more impressive flying club buildings in the country, including a large observation deck. My impromptu visit to this airport convinced me of the huge potential for growth in Smiths Falls. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Or just watch my quick ride into the airport by land–not by air!

I loved the video produced earlier this year, detailing the history of the airport starting with five men and a ‘field of dreams.’ It’s worth a watch, especially the great shots of pilots in action toward the end.

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