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Memories of Sand Lake Beach, Westport


Sand Lake Beach, Westport

It was late August, only one month ago, that I rolled up my slacks and tread through the water in Westport to cool off. I picked up shells which I loved to do as a child. One mussel was still alive, so I returned it to the depths.

Before this jaunt, we had been sitting at Vanilla Bean’s Creamery & Cafe, lapping our Kawartha ice cream cones after a visit to the marina. A woman overheard us asking the staff if there was a beach in Westport. She could not resist interjecting, ebullient about Sand Lake beach (also called Lions Beach) and with precision, directed us how to get there. She introduced herself as the Mayor. Can you ask for a better tour guide?

img_2616So off we went to this adorable small beach where the sand is smooth and clean. Everyone present was so happy, toddlers splashing and squealing, adults resting, lapping up the sun; it was perfect.

Moments ago, I turned the heat on. Now, I am looking for a sweater. I love Fall. It’s a whole different adventure I now begin in the wedge.

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