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PERTH at Christmas : the movie

Perth, by popular consensus, is one of the most beautiful towns in Ontario; but, its residents are worthy of exception. They are ostensibly happy, affable and talented. I chuckle when Torontonians refer to the Ottawa region as parochial; I now understand this as a euphemism for ‘polite.’ “That’s a good thing,” Martha would say, and a good thing it is.

The heart of Perth is idyllic and pristine, canals running through it, many stone surfaces dating 200 years. It is an artist’s paradise. Stewart Park is a wedding planner favorite. To say it is a small town would be inaccurate; you simply cannot experience all of Perth in one day.

The core remains unscathed by the usual magnetism of big-box stores on the outskirts. This is rare and testament to the beating heart of business owners in Perth.

Enjoy a short video we produced featuring Perth at Christmas showcasing a few of its ‘cast members.’

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