Christmas / Perth / The Wedge

Looking for the Griswolds in the wedge


This week’s pick in our search, “Looking for the Griswolds”, is a Perth home

This is the week of lights across the wedge. Cities and towns hold their perennial Christmas Lights Festivals and Tree Lighting events.

Homeowners brave the cold, climbing on ladders and rooftops with staplers, extension cords, lights and the latest from Canadian Tire. Nothing takes your breath away like a home which is a festival unto itself. We discovered the house shown above in Perth tonight. So far, this is our pick of the week.

Surprise us with your photos of 2016 decked-out homes for Christmas . We’re still on the lookout for the Griswold home, featured in the movie, Christmas Vacation. It doesn’t have to draw all the power from the city and cause a blackout to be featured here.

Stay-tuned because we are combing the streets!

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