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“Better Health” section launched today : Reversing Arthritis


By The Health Nut

Arthritis afflicts at least 15% of the population (I’m using American stats); but, I am confident the percentage is much higher. Contrary to popular belief, it is not age related; many children suffer from a form of arthritis. Did you catch that word? “Form”, indeed. There are up to a hundred manifestations of arthritis, the worst among them, rheumatoid and gouty arthritis.

Basically, arthritis turns people into the “tin-can-man’, reducing movement, causing pain in joints and sometimes it seems like an all-out assault on your whole body. Fret not, because Dr. John Bergman, a famous Chiropractor in California, states unequivocally that our bones are 14 months old and no older. You think that’s great news? Wait! “[Arthritis is reversible]”, he also states. He is not alone in stating this. I know because I too was once the tin-can-woman; now, I’m limber like Gumby.

Enjoy this video, learn, be hopeful, and continue reading. Bergman is not shy because he is confident. A truly compassionate Doctor that knows the body and its systems as few do.

Did you get that? The relationship between your blood and synovial fluid (the grease in your joints)? Food is almost always at the root of the problem.

You don’t have to travel to California; there are Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Natural Health stores in our area worthy of praise. Some Doctors may practice integrated medicine, a blend of allopathic and naturopathic. Don’t give up on your Doctors; just transform your visits with them into a two-way conversation. If he or she shuts you down, then you might want to take your business elsewhere. You know your body more than anyone. And you’re the one that has to live with it!!


A friend has gout which flares up causing her to suffer in critical areas, especially her feet. This busy woman could barely walk. The Doctor gave her a prescription–a fifth drug in her regime. When I visited her she was on day 3 of the drug; she thought she was “dying” when I found her curled over in a chair. She was pale, frightened and felt morbid. I jumped into action and we got her onto organic dark cherry juice, a supplement that includes same and organic apple cider vinegar with mother. All three foods reduce uric acid in the body (gout) that in excess, settles in joints and extremities. Days later she was smiling, laughing, feisty and ambulatory. She also reported, she stopped taking the drug, as it was no longer useful.

I also suggested she ease up on red meats and fish because they contain “purine”, a known contributor to gout.


Years ago, a much younger me, I could hardly move; it was difficult to get up out of a chair. I sought my trusted natural health shop for help. It was populated with staff that shared testimony after testimony of recovery resulting from nutrition and supplements that corrected so many problems. These health lovers are often walking encyclopedias on biochemistry. Anyway, they put me on NEM (inner lining of eggshell), which is a supplement that relieves joint pain within 7-10 days; within 3 days, I was already in recovery. I took it for 30 days; yet, I have never needed it again, so I was healed. I think back to how long I suffered not knowing about such a cheap, fast solution. My girlfriend cancelled her knee operation after taking NEM on my recommendation. Crazy? O yeah! It is just crazy that we have so many options, so little knowledge.

Do your research. Take control of your health. There is so much hope and health coming to you.

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