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Smiths Falls Boom story gets 10,200 views in 3 days!

We wrote a happy story about growth in Smiths Falls, December 2016. It was a story of hope. We at the wedge know that the established media ostensibly repeats Police reports, writes stories of health struggles and health failures. They know as we do this drives traffic; but, the wedge won’t touch these subjects with a barge pole.

The Smiths Falls high views proves without a shadow of doubt that people are drawn to good news. Positive, hopeful stories and videos send positive brain chemicals coursing through the readers’ veins and we like that!

Mike Adams, a natural health researcher and journalist writes:

[happy words, images, videos] will increase the oxygenation of your body by causing you to rapidly inhale and exhale during the process of laughter. This boosts brain function, immune function and even the circulation of lymph fluids throughout your body.

Laughter is powerful medicine. It is perhaps the best medicine of all for countering the effects of chronic stress (which is devastating to the immune system). Laughter literally alters your body’s physical response to stress, including emotional stress and environmental stress.

Experience these happy chemicals now. It’s better than a grueling workout! Meet Snowball and feel great. Try not to smile, laugh or bellow. You won’t succeed.

So, our point is, we aim to make you feel good, happy, hopeful. There is so much good news, good stories. We’re just getting started!

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