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Pop-up Christmas Fun Yields Mountain of Food


Photo by Jim Wright

By Maggie M

I kick myself when I run into special moments without my digital film camera, sound boom and spotlight; but, one does not expect a grocery trip to become an impromptu party. As I exited the car at Andress’ Your Independent Grocer, I almost forgot my purpose.

Elvis Presley singing Christmas songs blasted from a gargantuan tractor trailer decked out in Christmas lights. After taking in the spectacle, I stumbled into a cheerful group nearby.


Wooden tractor is one segment of the float. Photo by Jim Wright

The group referred to the behemoth transport as, “the float”. It is the progeny of Town and Country Chrysler. Hugh Colton of same introduced himself to me (loved the tresses on his cap) and told me about Build a Mountain of Food, a campaign traveling through 11 towns to do exactly that. He nailed it in 30-seconds. He introduced me to Jim Wright, a writer. How I love to meet those who pen!

“We’re just here today to say thank you,” Colton stated. Yes, just hanging around with Elvis, a huge float and chit-chat in Smiths Falls–that’s what makes this region fun to live in.

Alas! My dull errand beckoned.

People can still deliver directly to their local food banks in Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Perth, Delta, Athens, Westport, Almonte, Merrickville, Elgin, Portland and Lanark.

A whopping 555,522 pounds raised over 9 years !

This Christmas put presents under the tree; but, also on top of the mountain, so your neighbors won’t go hungry.

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