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Our Hunger Heroes : it’s no game!


Build A Mountain of Food fund-praising event, Farrell Hall, Perth – January 8, 2016

By Maggie M

This writer was one of the last guests to arrive on-time at a unique event organized by Hugh Colton of Host, Town and Country Chrysler. The Perth venue was packed–even my chair was snuffed from me when I sneaked to the buffet. You see, I arrived hungry, and how fitting that was.

This was a fund-praising event. Hugh had invited everyone to say, “Thank You.” Nothing was expected from any guest than to be lavished with praise and kind remarks.

The lights dimmed, the staged screen lit up with live footage and stills of volunteers, businesses and grocers, working through November and December to feed the hungry in eleven towns and cities. Present were familiar faces from Almonte, Athens, Delta, Elgin, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Lanark, Merrickville, Westport, Portland and Perth. Then the lights went up again.

Visibly moved, Colton wiped a few tears and began to share his 10th year trekking around the region, raising food and funds for campaign, Build A Mountain of Food. The tallies were shown town-by-town to round after round of applause and cheers. Hugh thanked every grocer, business, volunteer and media in the house–even late-comers to the quest,

2016 Food Total – a record : 164,695 lbs; Cash Total : $108,982.41

10-year Food Total : 720,217 lbs; Cash Total : $372,026.65


Hugh Colton, “putting the money where his mouth is”

I met Colton in December. He wore his great big heart on his face; I felt I was with an ‘ol friend. It’s a gift few have; but, this pied-piper was just what hungry bellies needed during the holidays. (I think he could talk food out of a grizzly bear.)

Colton is as humble as he is affable; so, I suspect he will worry about the light I’m shining on him. The Wedge is about its people. East Ontario displays more generosity per capita than perhaps all of Ontario; so, this suits us well.

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