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First entry to The Wedge 150 Challenge : Mississippi Mills


Mississippi Mills to sculpt music for Canada 150

This idea from the Mississippi Mills Beautification Committee is what makes for a real contender and a winning entry to The Wedge 150 Challenge. Outstanding!

The Wedge will attend to film and capture the artists and the pieces once erected.

The images shown are not entries but images of like-minded sculptures found on the web. Canada’s 150th birthday will surely be represented in the local artists’ works.

These are kinetic creations to the extent that the public can interact with them. More importantly, they create sound as the wind blows or a person engages them.


Invoxicated Interactive Play Sculpture by Karl-Johan Ekeroth

The Township is selecting five artists from drawings submitted in a competition; each winner will be funded to build their creation. One piece will be seen in a park in each of its towns including Almonte, Appleton, Pakenham, Blakeney and Clayton. Lasting beauty is a smart investment.

Tiffany MacLaren, Community Economic & Cultural Coordinator, Mississippi Mills, told The Wedge there more on the table to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

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