Ottawa / The Wedge

Wedge coming to Ottawa Red Bull Crashed Ice !


Derek Wedge finishes his run on a high at Red Bull Crashed Ice Marseilles

If you want your pulse to speed-up, watch the Red Bull Crashed Ice race in Marseilles, France yesterday. Men and women skaters from around the world including Canada are competing in this death defying competition. It’s a course with twists and turns, sudden drops and ice moguls right in the centre of town.

Your pulse will rise as you watch. I had to look away expecting carnage! But all survived and defied the odds.

It’s coming March 4th to Ottawa 2017 to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial birthday. You can stay home and drink a Red Bull or attend to get a real rush!

2013 Winner and American born Swiss competitor, Derek Wedge, did well in the race. We’ll be watching him ’cause we like his name–a pleasant surprise. We’ll be routing for our own. Canada is the heart of hockey; so, go Canada!


Red Bull Crashed Ice Marseilles 2017, men’s section in action


Jacqueline Legere, Canada, (in pink) takes Red Bull Crushed Ice Marseilles. Onto Finland!


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