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Gout : End your suffering


Painful gout often found in toe

By The Health Nut

So many people this writer encounters in the wedge suffer with gout–or know someone who does. Many are prescribed costly drugs that prolong suffering with side effects. It is inane that a simple natural food can reduce or eliminate gout and few know about it.


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What is gout? It’s a type of arthritis, a very painful one, affecting joints but more often affecting the big toe.

The secret is black cherries. I know what your thinking.

Black cherries, only a cup a day, have more phenolics and anthocyanins, which help remove uric acid that is causing that pain. (By the way, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother also reduces uric acid in joints.)

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-4-35-09-pmTry either undiluted juice or actual black cherries when in season and write back to us in 7 days. There is also a supplement for black cherry; the brand featured below guarantees results in one week, or your “money refunded.” That’s pretty convincing.


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Save your money and buy cherry juice; the drugs don’t heal, they treat. Nature always heals.

Search natural health websites and see for yourself what researchers, chiropractors, naturopaths and integrated doctors have to say. They are all “cherryleaders” of black cherry for gout.

NOTE: We are receiving no revenue or benefit from this story other than your recovery and comments you will make here when you feel better.

NOTE 2: This writer has witnessed the results on a user.

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