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Five Friends in a Fury


Seated Front L-R : Joe Adams, Chris Haines. Back L-R : Nick Ritchie, Andrew Howard and Tim Vandermeer. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, http://thewedge.LIVE and Host, “WHERE IN the wedge is MAGGIE M?”

This writer spent hours with five young men, Nick Ritchie, Chris Haines, Joe Adams, Andrew Howard and Tim Vandermeer, inside an enormous, hollow venue. The child in me wanted to “hoo-hoo” and hear my voice echo; but, I was invited for a more serious task.

The venue is the remnant of the flashing, disappearance-act of big-box, Target, and it is prime, turn-key anchor space at the County Fair Mall, Smiths Falls.

The banter and para-language between these youthful, otherwise family men, was truly entertaining. They were clearly giddy to be assembled as their time is filled with busy work schedules. I was a stranger in their midst; yet, they included me into their wit and whispers.

These beautiful faces are ostensibly a snapshot of the renaissance of Smiths Falls.


Five Friends in Guy Saumure’s Plymouth Fury PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

As I prepared to charge off to my next appointment and we wound down, Chris Haines shouted , “Let’s take a shot in Guy’s Fury!” I was ‘all in.’ So more giggles ensued and a gift for Guy Saumure, Founder of the corporation that drives much life into the local economy (Chris Haines is his grandson-in-law).

The photos are a throwback to Saumure’s early days in his Plymouth Fury, a model born in 1956, a challenge to the Corvette and the Thunderbird in its day.

This story is a prelude, a tease, for a bigger story about to thrill Smithfallians, as did our last, Former chocolate capital of Canada is sweet again.” That story went through the social media ceiling into the stratosphere, 11,000 + Facebook shares and even more views!


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