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Irish rogues to offer piggy-backs at beer run


Chris Haines sports the official suit for the Green Mile, March 17th. Background L & R : Tim Vandemeer, Nick Ritchie PHOTO BY : thewedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, http://thewedge.LIVE

More evidence that Smithsfallians know how to have fun, unleashing their inner child. This March 17th inside a large venue, the former space of big-box, Target, people from Toronto to Ottawa will descend on Smiths Falls for a 400-metre run.

It’s not the usual run.

The first step is the consumption of 473ml of 4 Degrees Brewing craft beer. The last sip is the shot to run (or walk) around the course. Full circle is the first round. Swill another beer. Repeat. And so it goes.

In Irish folklore this diminutive green goblin was given to the drink. And so the event is true to his trickster character.

“These beer mile events aren’t new,” states John Maloney, Urban Jungle, Producer of the Green Mile event. “People are coming all the way from Toronto.”

Should be a mile of laughs.

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