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MIRACLE ENZYME : lungs, pain, scars, fibroids, Alzheimer’s, arteries…

By The Health Nut

This is a word which should be in everyone’s daily lexicon : serrapeptase. And in everyone’s medicine cabinet or pantry. It’s natural. It’s an enzyme first discovered in the 1960s.

Our bodies produce a lot of different enzymes. For instance, amylase is in our saliva and it breaks down food like nothing else. If only people chewed their food longer, they would experience less indigestion. Remember your mother saying, “chew your food.” Sadly, people tend to scarf their meals down fast. Clunk! The stomach says, “O! c**p that’s not my job!” Anyway, this story is not about this enzyme. I just don’t want you to fear it as some alien concoction.

“People buy serrapeptase for pain,” says Dave Brown, Modern Thymes (see his banner in the right column). Indeed, it is amazing for inflammation, the root cause of pain.

Years ago, this writer brought this information to a friend in Indiana. His mother was to quote him, “at death’s door.” She was unable to function without oxygen as she was diagnosed with emphysema. His father raced to the natural health store on my advice and his mother consumed the first capsule with haste. The results were astounding; within two weeks she was off oxygen, ambulatory and feeling “better’.

My friend contacted his allopathic doctor (M.D.) to obtain an explanation. He indeed confirmed that the enzyme scrubs the lungs of scarring and renews the tissue. For any lung issues, this enzyme may be the miracle sufferers are praying for. It’s worth a try.

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-3-27-01-pmThis enzyme packs a punch for a whole bunch of conditions. Did you catch the word, “scarring”? Look at the infographic below by NAKA, a manufacturer of one the best brands on the market.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Nacachian over ten years ago, during the early days of Naka Herbs. This corporation is now a leader in Canada in the natural health field and on par with companies like Sisu in B.C.

When I learned of serrapeptase’s ‘before and after’ results on arterial disease and Alzheimer’s, I almost spit my coffee. Removing body scarring, was just the cherry on top! There is just too much this little miracle does. If you opt to give this enzyme a place in your health, make sure you get a quality brand if NAKA is not on hand. Rarely, does a big box store carry anything without fillers. Go to the pros at your nearest, natural health shop.


MUST READ data below :


Yes! Dave Brown has the NAKA brand shipment arriving early this week at Modern Thymes. There are other brands; but, he sings its praises.

In Perth, Dianne’s may have it. In Carleton Place, look up The Granary. In Stittsville or Ottawa, look the Natural Food Pantry. All great stores from personal experience. Basically, look up the natural health shop nearest you.

NOTE: The Wedge received no revenue from this story. It is from the heart and from experience. Let us know if you try it and results you experience.

Counterindication: if you have low platelets, a rare condition, or hemophilia, it is not recommended. It has a blood thinning effect.

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