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Public Casting Call SMITHS FALLS – TODAY

WHERE: On the sidewalk, corner of Russell and Beckwith, Smiths Falls, 1:00 pm.

This could be a world first. MAGGIE M is calling the public to come on camera for brief moments to fascinate us on matters of food and their pets!

YES ! bring your pets. If they are savant or Cirque du Soleil candidates or overloaded with personality–bite-free–we want them and you on camera.

And bring your fav food, weird combos, or your food stories.

Prepare to be filmed! It’s a screen test and live action all at once!

Smiths Falls isn’t just the heart of the wedge, it is abundant in personality. Far more than CheezWhiz!

So you can’t miss me at the corner of Russell and Beckwith this aft!


p.s. Perth and Merrickville, you are next!



I’m back at the office–defrosting. It was so cold my pen froze, and I could not get anyone to sign our Appearance Release!  My film camera was likely moments from freeze-frames!

I got to meet Mr. Mayor, AKA Sean Pankow. Wow! what a face for a camera! (I trust the Mrs. agrees.)

So, weather permitting we’ll be out again. Wondering if a felt-pen will freeze. Stay-tuned!