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INSIDER VIDEO : East Meets West, Perth

Chef Ram Mogandas prepares famous Eastern dish, East Meets West, Perth PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

Everyone raves about Chef Ram in these parts. He is the consummate friend to all and a great business leader. Mogandas owns East Meets West, a restaurant which serves a fusion of Eastern and Western fare, in beautiful Perth. He also co-owns and operates, Chuckles Jack, in booming Smiths Falls. As many business owners in Smiths Falls, Mogandas, is one of the town’s top cheerleaders.

Fusion is a good solution for fussy families and big groups. There are those that like to explore, and there are those that are die-hard, ‘steak and potatoes’. You are thinking about the latter already, aren’t you?

In this short video, Mogandas will give you an insider view of an Eastern dish that has become so popular it is mass-produced and distributed at grocery chains. There is nothing better than ‘fresh-made’ from the hands of a connoisseur.

Enjoy discovering the most requested dish, at both restaurants.

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