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MAGGIE M Dog Grooming Fail : First comedy

by MAGGIE M, Comedian? Editor, http://thewedge.LIVE

Well, here we are. I warned you all, I was willing to make an utter fool of myself. It is my pleasure if it makes you laugh. This is my first ever comedic effort; however, another skit is coming on its heels. Hint : food is involved.

I have signed up for 25 lessons with Steve Martin; so, it is all looking up from here. I will soon do stand up.

The Wedge thanks Andress’ Your Independent Grocer , Smiths Falls, for making this possible. Thanks Dan for your taking a leap with my comedic alter.

Now here is my first time ever as a pet grooming trainee under the watchful eyes of a truly good sport, Ashley Chivers, Owner, Paws A Bit, Merrickville and resident of Portland. This woman could groom a dog blind-folded without an unintended snip.

My thanks to Otis, Sofie, Zack, Tucker, Schaffer, Cooper and Lola. You will soon get your union card.

And not to be forgotten, Patricia, my assistant and Kit, the panini girl.


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