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Chocolate trinity brings happiness to Perth

Chocolate family L – R: Heather, Louise (mother) and Brenda McKeen PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, http://thewedge.LIVE

Friday evening, June 2nd, was a lovely temperate evening for the opening of Belgian Chocolate purveyor, Perth Chocolate Works, in Perth. I arrived in the last hour to capture the excitement which showed no sign of abating. The guests were positively ebullient. This is the power of a chocolaterie, especially one that launches with perfection.

The sense of aesthetics this family displays is to be praised. The floor is a wonder in itself with large swirling swaths of chocolate, caramel and white chocolate simulations on a scintillating, silicone covered concrete floor. The lighting on stone highlights the historic nature of the venue at the cash. Light streams through two deep-set windows, a pair of eyes opened to the most photographed and beautiful site in Perth, Stewart Park. Chocolate and confections are laid-out like precious jewels. The whole dances in our senses.

Guests packed like chocolates in a box at opening event, Perth Chocolate Works. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

The ‘jewel case’ resplendent with Belgian chocolate creations, sourced from all-Canadian Callebaut. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

The perfection of which I write comes with years of experience as chocolate producers and marketers on Manitoulin Island, the largest fresh water island in the world. Manitoulin Chocolates, founded in 1998, continues on under the leadership of Founder, Louise McKeen. She is present here for the launch of Perth Chocolate Works, to be run by daughter, Heather McKeen.

At the soiree, boxes were filling so quickly that Louise’s husband, Keith McKeen, was speedily forming more in the kitchen area to meet the demand. Maple Cream (my favorite), Espresso, Raspberry Meltaway, Pumpkin Spice, Amaretto, Forget Me Not (heart-shaped), Caramel Cloud are among 32+ chocolates to choose from.

“You really love chocolate,” I said to a woman near me. “I do!,” she exclaimed, “Look at my basket!” Exclamations bubbled continuously in the crowd. Such is the power of chocolate.

Belgian chocolate fountain pours onto cheesecake and fruit at Perth Chocolate Works. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

The chocolate fountain is a permanent fixture in the shop–not just a shiny object for events. I could not partake as my camera would suffer the consequences; but, I remain salivating by the memory.

You will find the shop at historic, Code’s Mill, by Stewart Park. There are more treasures in the building; you could spend hours in the shops and reward yourself with this new,  luxurious treat.

Founder and Co-Owner, Louise McKeen, Manitoulin Chocolates and Perth Chocolate Works, serves its famous chocolate covered macaroons. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

Evening view of Stewart Park from Perth Chocolate Works. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

Entrance to Perth Chocolate Works at beautiful Code’s Mill, Perth. PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

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