The Wedge

Weeeeee! Champagne at three!

BY MAGGIE M, Editor, thewedge.LIVE

We’ve been upgrading for the last two weeks! I personally commandeered the terrifying turf; but, I am proud to announce I am still in one piece and smiling.

TheWedge.LIVE was re-propagated worldwide, we fixed our SMTP sockets, we got rid of WP ads, we removed that pesky subscriber pop-up, we transferred the whole dang site and other terrifying feats on par with bungee jumping your ass-ets!

I survived without raving and ranting, without muttering to myself on the street. Tech has so matured; it’s not the ‘crashing’ of the past.  Popatubaphobia has nothing on me!

So I broke out the bubbly at 3. Now I need tea!

BTW we did not change the design one iota because people are telling us they like it. Content is key. That means you. Yes, you give us stories. Happy ones.

We have so much in store!

Working on a big story for Westport and a surprising video that will get our ladies, twirling!

Thanks Wedgees for your subscription, your readership, viewership! You solidified our raison d’etre. We see the road ahead!

P.S. I think I am addicted to upgrading. I am already plotting my next move!


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