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MAGGIE M Visits Four Fashion Divas in Perth

Jennifer MacCraken models for the wedge in “Perth Fashion Divas” short movie PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, thewedge.LIVE; HOST, “WHERE IN the wedge IS MAGGIE M?”

Perth is so beautiful it is hardly a challenge to capture an equally beautiful picture. Its water tributaries remind one of European canals, and its heritage is in the texture of almost all surfaces. So we pressed in to its interiors. In filming a short, PERTH’s Fashion Divas (below), MAGGIE M discovers the beauty within–in four of its fashion shops and ‘Fashion Divas.’ The term is acceptable to those featured here as all have a healthy sense of humor.

Cheryl Straby, Owner, Streve Designs. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Cheryl Straby, Owner, Streve Designs, makes all her garments and accessories by hand–not one is like another. She works with soft leather creating jackets, coats, and accessories for all seasons. She also works with silk in vibrant, beautiful colors. Her shop is full to the brim.

You see her eyes wander to a creative place when you engage her. Such is the sign of a true artist.

And you can see her hands pushing material through a sewing machine between customers. This woman has carved a very special niche for herself.


Kerri Whan, Owner, Fashion Envy, Perth PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Kerri Whan is the new Diva in town. Her business, Fashion Envy, is so fledgling she is yet to have her sign delivered. She was formerly in a different garment business. Now she carries popular brands, serving both women and golfing women, sometimes one in the same.

She is a pleasant, gentle soul, building a steady clientele.

We had quite a lark trying to stop cars from pouncing on parking spaces, for just a few minutes, to film her storefront. To say Perth streets are busy barely expresses how truly ‘busy’ this town is.

Dawn Mayhew, Owner, Lavender & Lace, Perth. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE


Dawn Mayhew, Owner, Lavender & Lace, is a woman who smiles from within and laughs audibly and frequently. A visit to this store is an experience that sends endorphins coursing through the body.

Jennifer MacKraken’s two pugs may be around. A few fellas may be dropping in for a few pairs of SAAX. Someone might be rolling in laughter in the change rooms, where bra fittings take place.

The shop may have chandeliers; but, you feel at home. These women know the fashion turf and know how to deliver fun.


Michele Murphy, Owner, Fall River Fashion, Perth

Michele Murphy, Owner, Fall River Fashion, is another exciting person to visit. This extraordinary retailer juggles impressive inventory stock in a large, gorgeous shop.

Murphy just completed a fashion show last June 1st. A day prior, she showed me the runway, the bar for guests, the lighting, the sound, and myriad details with no anxiety in her tone. She had it all together. She was ready.

I tried to keep up with her on the latest fashion colours; but, she was already into 2018. She left me politely in my ‘fuschia.’

Enjoy this short video of these skilled entrepreneurs, we dare to call, ‘Fashion Divas.’



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