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BIG teeny idea will energize towns : Smiths Falls, Gananoque, Manotick, Cornwall, Arnprior ?

By MAGGIE M, Editor, thewedge.LIVE

An idea is floating around water coolers and sidewalks’ edges. It’s not new; but, it is unexpressed. What’s more, it engages everyone, locals and visitors. It’s a big idea; but, by virtue of its scale, it is teeny-tiny.

A lovely friend, Judy Gorman Abromeit, brought this project to this writer’s attention. Perhaps she could be persuaded to launch a, “Teeny Doors,” art project in Smiths Falls from where she hails.

The potential for citizen engagement is enormous with a town-wide, Lilliputian art installation.  Within the project could be maps to the doors, secret messages within, anagrams, puzzles, contests. It could be a miniature representation of the place within or pure fantasy sponsored by the landowner or retailer.

Selfies would ensue and be shared widely, and captured on the town’s blog, site and social sites. Children will absolutely love the hunt for doors–much more fun than eggs.

These doors open to reveal a world within. This is the element of surprise, the curiosity that draws people to them. And they don’t have to be static. When you are working in such a small space, big ideas are possible.

I have always loved the miniature, perhaps because I had a doll house in my childhood. Funny thing is, men also respond well to the idea; perhaps LEGO ® and Tinker-Toy ® are at the root of their appreciation.

Does this idea have the potential to deepen any town experience, draw attention, feet to it, and cost virtually nothing? Yes. And it’s an idea that can become a reality, very quickly.

These doors are already in place in cities across USA. In Atlanta, Georgia, Tiny Doors, are inescapable. Washington, D.C. also partakes.

Carpenters, artists, will be in high demand for these 6 to 12 inch tall confections; but, trim and wood pieces may be all that is needed with creative brilliance.

Now, I think outside the rectangular form. A space station door? A door to another dimension? A door to someone’s soul?

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