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Saturday Surprise : Soiree launches Meraki with champagne and swag

Jessica Webster, Co-Founder, Meraki Collective, poses in early days of construction. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

BY MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

It’s happening. Finally, the unveiling of Meraki Collective will occur in a soiree with champagne and swag, July 15, 7:00 pm.

Guests have been invited and RSVPs are pouring in.

Jeff Depatie and Jessica Webster have worked tirelessly through the winter until this week renovating a former Knights of Columbus building they purchased in 2016. Suffice it to declare, this couple has exceptionally good taste. I have watched the progress on design, substrates, colour palettes, texture–the overall effect is appearing beautiful. Meraki will be an oasis for co-workers.

What is Meraki (“mey-ra-kee”)?  It is one of the few co-working spaces in East Ontario, joining others in urban centres including Ottawa and Kingston.

Its location is exceptional : smack-dab in the middle of Lanark, Leeds Grenville i.e. the rural heart of the wedge. Meraki is 5 to 30 minutes from renown towns and cities including Smiths Falls (Meraki location), Merrickville, Brockville, Perth, Carleton Place, Westport, Portland, Elgin and Athens. And it offers plenty of free parking.

Jessica Webster and Jeff Depatie add finishing touches to Meraki building.

Now entrepreneurs have a place to go to for independent business intelligence and networking. Meraki is a response to a survival instinct in all of us, to be secure and independent. The world is awake to the vagaries of global corporations that open and close, hire and fire, from the swipe of a pen, leaving throngs in despair. Now people can pursue their dream project in relative comfort and security with the help of Meraki.

The facility is within everyone’s reach–every budget. You can use a desk for an hour, a day, a month. You can use the board room. You can use the wifi. You can get help building a website, social media–Webster is a pro and a respectful, cheerful one to boot. You can cavort with a mix of experts, professionally during the day, exchanging business cards, ideas, and trade with each other. You can also socialize at many recurring Meraki events.

If you wish to receive an invitation, simply write to us on the contact page and we will forward your request to Meraki STAT. Let us know what your biz or dream is. OR better, sign-up for your free week on the right column banner.