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Total Eclipse over U.S. from Here : Schedule

A partial eclipse of the U.S. total eclipse can be viewed from here in our region starting at 1:17pm and ending at 3:48.

Our maximum eclipse will be at 2:35 pm; at this time Tennessee will be in full eclipse and darkness for a few minutes.

Do not look up at the partial eclipse at any time it may damage your retinas. There are special UV glasses–not the common sunglasses. Perhaps a camera  or film camera can capture without you looking up. Welding masks will do.

There are so many prognostications about the eclipse, it is interesting to follow dogma trough hysteria to Biblical Prophecy. America has not had a full eclipse for 100 years.

Have some fun joining the world watching this event tomorrow.

It will be on all networks, all over the internet. It is bigger than the Super Bowl.

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