The Wedge

The Wedge Recruiting Stringers !

UPDATED November 23rd, 2017

We’re looking for Stringers to cover areas with their pens and cameras across the wedge. Pembroke on the Northwest, Kingston on Southwest and Hawkesbury on the East East end and every hamlet, village, town and city in between. You only have to cover a wedge of the wedge e.g. Ottawa Valley, Ottawa East, Cornwall region… (Smiths Falls and Perth are not available.)

Maggie M has been all over lately–not her clone. There is much to cover. So much more! East Ontario is suffused with stories.


We are planning yet another upgrade to double content and meet the demand for our cheerful coverage. Food, events, creativity, comedy, entrepreneurship, outliers, music, nutrition, preventative natural health–these are a few of our visitors’ favorite things.

We are not interested in the macabre, death, fear, politics, crime, hate–our readers tell us this too. We’re a happy place, that can start your morning and help you sleep at night.

So if you can truly do/have these four things, we’d love to hear from you:

  1. truly love to write, fearlessly (without grammarly), creatively, bravely, with your own voice
  2. take great photos
  3. meet new people continuously without hesitation and a smile
  4. have : your own vehicle, your own laptop/computer/email client, private internet (not cafe wifi)

A cheerful disposition is key.


Write to MAGGIE M in confidence at our contact tab above with the subject : Wedge Stringer. Add links to three articles you wrote solo (or PDFs), a bio of sorts, your address, email, phone and tell me what you are doing now. Everyone who replies in this manner will get a quick reply.

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