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Our Surprising Local Megastars – Case for a Walk-of-Fame?

Walk of Fame, Simcoe Street, Toronto, features Canadian performing arts. Ottawa next?

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

We had a cursory look into the wedge (Pembroke to Hawkesbury to Kingston and all cities, towns, places within) and found the riches of fame. Some of the world’s most renown were born here and many remain–and return. This is a glimpse–we barely scrape the topic here. We’ve not covered artists, authors–so many categories. We are determined to scour the wedge in a second edition.

Ottawa clearly has justification to create its own “Walk Of Fame.” So much talent has been nurtured in Ottawa–our research shows it rivals Toronto for international stardom on a per capita basis. Is there something about Ottawa that cultivates talent, confidence?

I also believe there is justification for a “Walk of Fame” in Kingston, home of Gord Downie of Tragically Hip, Bryan Adams, Patrick Chan and our beloved hockey Commentator, Don Cherry (the star who wears upholstery fabric with pride.)

Fame is not the domain of performing arts. Fame comes from all sectors, usually merited and acclaimed by consensus : our Olympians, our bestselling authors, our dancers, our painters, etc… You could call it bragging rights; but, it’s also citizen appreciation. It is wholly aspirational : “The kids don’t have to leave town” (to succeed).

It does not have to be a “Walk of Fame”, it could a “Spot of Fame”. In Smiths Falls, the love for internationally acclaimed golfer, Brooke Henderson, is so deep it begs for a beautiful tile on a sidewalk–and a few sunken golf-shoe prints. (Beautiful Davidson Courtyard would be an ideal spot.)

Good things do come from Ontario (remember that theme song?). In this case, it is southeast Ontario, “the toe of its foot”–a remarkable region deeply steeped in history and a people affable as few others.

So who are some of our locals superstars, born and raised here in the wedge?

Bryan Adams, internationally renown artist, born in Kingston, Ontario. Hits include: “Run To You”, “The Summer of 69”, “Have you ever really loved a woman.”

Dan Akroyd, internationally renown performing artist, born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-fame: SNL, “The Blues Brothers”, “Ghostbusters”, “Driving Miss Daisy”.

Paul Anka, internationally renown performing artist born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-fame hits : “Diana”, “Having My Baby”, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”.

Tom Green, internationally renown comedic performing artist born in Pembroke, Ontario. Claim-to-Fame: Tom Green Show

Lorne Greene, internationally renown performing artist born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-fame : leading role in TV series “Bonanza”

Rich Little, internationally renown performing artist born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-fame : staged impersonations.

Alanis Morissette, internationally renown performing artist, born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-fame Hits : “You Oughta Know”, “Jagged Little Pill”.

Sandra Oh, internationally renown performing artist born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-fame: “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Princess Diaries”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”.

Gord Downie, Lead, internationally renown performing artist, Tragically Hip, Kingston, Ontario. May he rest in peace.

Patrick Chan, internationally renown, Olympian figure skater, born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-to-Fame: Won Silver at 2014 Olympics.

Lori Dupuis, internationally renown Olympian hockey player, born in Williamstown (near Cornwall), Ontario. Claim-to-Fame: Olympic Gold 2002

Conlin McCabe, internationally renown Olympian rower born in Brockville, Ontario. Claim-to-Fame: Olympics Silver 2012, Pan Am Gold 2015.

Simon Whitfield, internationally renown Olympian Triathlete, born in Kingston, Ontario. Claim-to-Fame: Olympic Gold 2000, Silver 2008

Brooke Henderson, internationally renown golf Champion born in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Claim-To-Fame : 10 wins including Women’s PGA 2016.

Nancy Greene, internationally renown champion alpine skier born in Ottawa, Ontario. Claim-To-Fame : Olympic Gold 1968 and World Championship Gold 1968.

James Naismith, inventor of basketball game born in Almonte, Ontario. Claim-to-Fame : Priority at Basketball Hall of Fame.

Stay-tuned for our second edition, soon. Don’t hesitate to prod us.

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