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Politicians’ Worst Nightmare, Mary Walsh, Makes Splash in Arnprior

Renown Comedian, now Author, Mary Walsh, appears at Arnprior Library.

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

“It was a combination of persuasion and magic,”states acclaimed, Public Librarian of 2017, Karen DeLuca, in signing Mary Walsh to appear at the Arnprior Library. DeLuca received this highest award from the Ontario Library Association. Carolyn Swayze, also employed in the same library, received the Youth Librarian of 2016 award.

Plainly put, this library is exceptional.

Karen DeLuca, Award-Winning, Head Librarian, Arnprior Library

DeLuca has been with the library for 25 years. She used to work in radio, getting up at 4am to deliver the news–a schedule she does not miss.

Deluca is driven. “We are the little library that could,” she adds.

“How did you sign Mary Walsh?,” I asked incredulously. “Aim big,” is her motto.

So, Mary Walsh is flying in from her home in Newfoundland tomorrow to sit with a sold-out crowd in Arnprior. (There are no seats left.) There will be a reading from her book, “Crying For The Moon,” a Q&A, a book signing, conducted by Arnprior’s own, Gwen Storie, Owner of The Arnprior Book Shop, and finally, a staged interview by DeLuca of Walsh. Starts at 7:30 pm, Arnprior Library (doors open at 7pm for ticket-holders only.)

This book is not comedy. It is dark, with a sardonic edge. I trust the audience will hear and see, ‘classic Walsh.’ There may be a few f-bombs, for the sake of authenticity.

A night to be remembered.

Gwen Storie, Owner, The Arnprior Book Shop PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

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