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The Gift of Health: The Great Grass Revelation

This cutie-pie is happy and perky for good reason–she is healthy and feeding off the land as intended. She passes on her nutrients, vitamins, minerals to you.

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE ❤️ TO SHARE this story, social buttons like FB are at the end.

No, this story is not about medicinal marijuana; but, I am glad you are here. This writer cannot bear to hear of one more acquaintance suffering from chronic or “deadly” diseases. Startlingly, most are young.

I have made myself a guinea pig trying foods, protocols and natural supplements  for over a decade. I assert that I recovered from so many conditions and illnesses without allopathic intervention. I will share all with you over many stories with a focus on each change I have made and the outcome. I will add videos and sources that are reliable from researchers, Integrated Doctors, Scientists, Chiropractic Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and natural Nutritionists.

Many nutrients have disappeared from the grocery shelves; yet, you can cherry-pick and find healthy items among them. These were common less than one-hundred years ago. Grocery shopping is akin to a scavenger hunt nowadays. The good news is the health food stores carry a wealth of healthy choices. Co-ops leveraging sourceable, local farmers are also rising. Great pressure is on grocery chains and some of the world’s largest food processors are losing revenue–and profits–as the public awakens. These are good signs for your health.

I had already adopted many practices and protocols over a decade ago–when my research on health began. At the time, I was writing a documentary film script on natural health. I interviewed leading scientists in North America and Europe: leading brain surgeons, endocrinologists, pediatricians, cancer experts and former GM scientists. I read many abstracts, studies and reports. I was shocked each day as my work progressed.


I begin this health series, “The Gift of Health,” for all who are or know someone who is suffering and needs hope. That’s almost everyone. There is hope. There is recovery. It could be quick or protracted depending on your commitment to heal yourself with good habits and good foods. Right now, my resolve related to my own health is rock-hard.

You must first accept the precept that your body is an amazing organism able to fight off all manner of affronts–if you stop poisoning it and drop the nihilism (hopelessness). You must also accept that food is your medicine–real food–not chemicals (pills) and synthetic food. There are exceptions for medical intervention when you are in late stages of any disease. Still, you would be surprised, the “death sentences” given to people who are now vibrant. Remember Susanne Sommers? She took her health in her own hands with natural protocols. She numbers among hundreds of thousands including myself.

If you are ill, in all likeliness your body has exceeded its toxic limit–bacteria, viruses, fungus, inorganic toxins… It’s not your fault–because you trusted their producers and overseeing authorities. Forgive yourself. The good news is, you can reverse your actions if you truly are sick of feeling “off” or being sick.

Add good foods and nutrients to your medical protocol–rarely, are foods contra-indicated. Jell-O is the staple in hospitals? It’s not even food. Don’t let any practitioner tell you, “it does not matter what you eat.” Just nod. (It is widely reported doctors receive one hour of schooling on nutrition.) The “Standard of Care,” prohibits them from prescribing anything beyond the pharmaceutical or surgical protocols. It’s very sad.

Give your loveds ones and friends the gift of health. Get them to subscribe to our site (upper right–just put in your/their email) and follow “The Gift of Health” and our “Better Health” category button on the right. You will receive so much first hand info to put into practice–things I have done myself to return to vitality. I often backslid from my own knowledge and good habits. It’s easy to do that; yet, I have willpower and a huge drive to feel good. So, I get back on with renewed vigor.

The Wedge is a happy place. We do not indulge in fear. So if you don’t like feeling positive, you nurture a negative, critical spirit, return to the media who keep you paralyzed with fear–death, dying, disease, crime, ghoulish content, etc… There’s no value or truth in fear. In fact, the cortisol it produces hurts your body and your mental state.



“Three out of seven of my customers ask me for grass-fed meat,” a local butcher at a leading grocery chain, Your Independent Grocer, disclosed to me. That’s almost 50% of his customers–and this writer numbers among them. “Since the summer [it has not stopped],” he adds.

I was surprised by his admission. I had no idea locals were aware to this extent about the quality of meat. “Grass-fed” meat and dairy are key to good health and increasingly hard to find. This was a food staple in animal husbandry not so long ago. How did we get here?

No grass-fed meat, cheese, butter or dairy products were to be found in the store–any store I visited. Zilch. Nada. Niente. Bubkiss.

There are a few small dairy farms in the region e.g. Limestone Dairy whose cattle feed mostly on grass and not industrial grain. You can buy from them direct or from co-ops like Two Rivers Food Hub, Smiths Falls, or Wendy’s, Lyndhurst. I source mine from Limestone Dairy through Two Rivers; yet, the demand is catastrophically unmet.


The answer requires many posts; but, the central piece is that cattle are not fed grains. Instead they graze the land eating fast growing, fresh grass. This produces milk, by-products and meat that contain life-giving nutrients, vitamins and minerals. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO grain with unknown DNA and the lesser known but harmful, phytic acid and lectins.  Grass-fed, organic cattle, sheep, goats, name your herd, are healthier and filled with life giving nutrients.

Grains today are not grown or treated as they were by our forefathers.

“I soak the grains twice for about 24 hours and drain the water to rid them of phytic acid,” states Judy Abromeit, Head Baker, 1000 Islands Village. She knows full well the importance of preparing the grain for a healthy outcome.


Illustration of villi in small intestines. These are flattened in celiacs reducing absorption.

If you haven’t heard of phytic acid it’s probably because we’ve been so focused on gluten (excessively used in mass production.) Gluten can flatten the villi (finger-like protrusions in the small intestine responsible for absorption) resulting in malabsorption or even, celiac disease. Nevertheless, everyone is affected by phytic acid in whole grains, brown rice, beans and nuts. It too, prevents nutrient absorption.

Whole grains bread loaded with phytic acid steal your minerals and starve your body, weaken your immune system and trigger “disease.”

In the olden days and still in many areas of the world, grains, brown rice, beans and nuts are pre-soaked to remove this health-stealing toxin out of these staples. Phytic acid in grains are no longer prepared in this manner. It travels through dairy production unfettered. So even if  you are keto, paleo or vegan, phytic acid is almost inescapable today, unless, you procure grass-fed dairy or pre-soaked grains. Sourdough without yeast is an option.

The organic green lentils I purchase regularly from Your Independent Grocer are always soaked by me overnight in clean, distilled water and drained before cooking. You can add many things to lentils for a delicious, healthy dish filled with nutrients. The point is we must be prepared to prepare foods. (See the video below for food prep–it’s easy.)

What’s bad–horrible–about phytic acid? It binds to minerals–all of them–and takes them out of your needy body into the sewer system. That’s the definition of starvation. In fact, it will grab any mineral sitting in your stomach from fruits and veggies. This thief is highly charged and steals iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc…


Cooking nightshades will remove lectins from them.

If you find yourself with achy joints, indigestion, acne, chances are it’s the lectins in grains or nightshades. You can cook them out of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, but not grains. At their worst, they cause leaky gut syndrome. I call them, “leaky lectins.”

What are lectins? They are proteins in grains that are sticky and hamper your guts amazing ability to heal itself. They can literally clog the lining of your gut. So if you are experiencing digestive issues–they are likely getting in the way.

Have you noticed the common culprit in all my writings? It’s wheat, especially whole grain, and all its by-products like kamut, oats, bran, etc… Try getting off of wheat completely for a few weeks and see if you feel better. You cannot soak a loaf of bread. You can however soak some grains like oats and legumes removing phytic acid as much as possible. Drain the liquid and cook them in fresh, filtered water.

Bring back grains as sourdough (with no yeast) or find a baker who maintains healthy practices from the olden days.

I went off of grains 100% for three weeks and my joints no longer required WD-40. I loaded up on grass-fed, organic dairy, eggs, organic beef, organic bone broth, beef liver and cod liver oil. I was solving another serious problem with this diet. It will surprise you in my next health story–something everyone never thought possible.

Love yourself. Look after your loved ones. Study your food sources. It’s worth the time and investment. After all, what is more precious than health.

This is why so many are turning to a keto or low-carb diet. Almost all report a return to vitality when taking grains from modern production out of their diets.

If you have any questions or comments ask below. I will answer.

WATCH this wonderful video by Weston Price nutrition expert on food prep with grains and legumes.

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