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The Wedge’s 10 Best 2017 – Part 2

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE ❤️ TO SHARE you can click the buttons at story’s end

THE WEDGE’s 10 BEST OF 2017 Continued

4- Favorite Photos

Our first, most favorited photo by our readers is of a young couple showing the hallmarks of early-stage courting, smitten with each other. Surprisingly, they are a long-established, married couple with children. It was my honour to capture such enduring love at acclaimed Bistro 54, Perth, while enjoying a seven course meal for a restaurant review. You can view the whole story here : https://thewedge.live/2017/04/30/restaurant-full-review-bistro-54-perth/

Krista and Patrick Graham, romantic, local guests of Bistro 54, Perth, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Our second most favorite photo by our readers features five beauties, the founders of a craft brewery in Smiths Falls, and old friends. They sat inside renown Guy Saumure’s classic, Plymouth Fury, following our interview–a last minute idea by Chris Haines. I am glad I went “off script.”

We featured them in, “Five Friends in a Fury,” here : https://thewedge.live/2017/02/24/five-friends-in-a-fury/

FRONT L-R: Joe Adams, Chris Haines BACK L-R: Nick Ritchie, Andrew Howard, Tim Vandermeer. Founders of 4 Degrees Brewing Company. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

5- Most ‘Bucket List’ Value : Prescott

The Town of Prescott houses the site and buildings that established Upper Canada in the battle of 1812. Fort Wellington is a “must see” for all Canadians and visitors. It’s “bucket list” worthy.

This is where our nation was born. Soldiers had to keep watch as the United States were so close they could swim or snowshoe across the St. Lawrence. I stood there, still, overlooking the breaches. It was sobering imagining the carnage, the loss of life.

Our story also features re-enactors. They were present from afar at Fort Wellington National Historic Park’s annual event, in full regalia. This event deepens the experience. The Wedge was there. We featured the white coats, “bon vivant” in spirit.

The whole story is here : https://thewedge.live/2017/08/19/prescotts-grand-summer-closing-acts-awe/

Site of Battle of 1812, Fort Wellington, Prescott, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

You can get your Shakespeare fix at Prescott’s amphitheatre, the Shakespeare summer-long festival. History-by-day and culture-by-night make Prescott a very special destination location.

Ian Farthing, professional Actor, poses for the wedge, in comedic, Hamlet form, Prescott, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Minutes away is the site of the Battle of the Windmill, where battles were fought and lost for liberty. The view will take your breath away.

Site of the Battle of the Windmill, Prescott, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

6- Favorite Interview : Fred Penner

My favorite interview is a live one of internationally renown performer, singer, Fred Penner, in the hamlet of Morton. We sat down at the close of an event organized by the fabulous, Festival of Small Halls. It was unplanned, real. He is so entertaining, loveable–I was “ferklempt!” (It was also hot, sticky and prickly!) Meeaaoowww, that cat came back!


Penner has long ago entered the consciousness of children who are today his grown-up fans. He is often remembered popping-out of a log in CBC episodes of , “Fred Penner’s Place.” He is timeless though, crossing all generations with his unique performances.


In case you missed the first three on our list go to : https://thewedge.live/2017/12/29/the-wedges-10-best-of-2017/

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