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The Wedge’s 10 Best of 2017 – Part 3

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

THE WEDGE’S 10 BEST OF 2017 Continued

7- BEST EVENT : Perth’s Progressive Dinner

Great conversation, laughter and great food are a perfect mix for an indelible memory. It’s not always size and sound that delivers the most pleasure.

Kari Clarke, renown leader of Perth BIA, planned and led us in Perth’s Progressive Dinners last March. We were split into groups egressing from one great restaurant to the next for each course. This entailed crossing paths with other groups outside as the “switch” occurred and a chance to exchange quips.

As we dined on scrumptious dishes, my group talked and guffawed about everything from laundry to Moses. As the photo shows below, Charlton Heston’s doppelganger was among us. “Let my people go!” he howled through the evening, waving his fist. Moses also introduced me to his wife, Princess Diana. I laughed so much, my face hurt.

You can spot them both in the story:

Guest, Dale, looks remarkably like Charlton Heston, at Perth’s Progressive Dinner 2017. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Braised scallops at The Stone Cellar, Perth’s Progressive Dinner. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

8- BIGGEST SECRET : Pembroke

This city has recently emerged from town to city status at 16,000 pop. I was prepared with a few notes; but, I was not prepared for what my eyes witnessed. Nowhere else in Canada will you see 34 murals, almost all scaling walls, larger than life. They were extraordinary and beautiful. Pembroke is the, “outdoor art gallery of Canada,” (my words.)

To add to this, the Kiwanis boardwalk trimmed the entire waterfront. This infrastructure was thoughtfully conceived with many creature comforts and unusually beautiful. I could remain here for hours taking in the view and listening to the waves.

Pembroke is re-emerging and worth a full day visit–with a camera.

You can read our story here :

34 extraordinary, large-scale murals populate Pembroke, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

The boardwalk, “Kiwanis Walkway,” trims water’s edge beautifully, Pembroke, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE


If you can only visit one place during warm seasons, Gananoque will not disappoint. This was so difficult a segment to write. It was like choosing among precious pearls: Perth, Brockville, Westport, Almonte, Arnprior, Renfrew, Chaffey’s Lock, Ottawa and Gananoque among many others.

The thing is, Gananoque has it all–beach and boating by day and theatre, music by night, in a nutshell.

“Gan” is well turned out from its grand entry arches through downtown to its pristine residential neighborhoods. The main drag is on a sloped sinuous road, which adds to its charm. She is a lens’s delight.

The town sits on the grand St. Lawrence river. The views are spectacular from its beach, its marina, its theatre, its music bandshell or its boat tours. You can see the Thousand Islands as well as massive cargo ships–the show is always on.

It also has a roaring river flanked by a sculpture park. Galleries and murals pepper the sight line. Beach balls, ice cream, flip flops blend with culture and artisan shops. Boat horns announce passage. The town is alive–spectacular.

The tourism centre greeted me with enthusiasm, guiding me in my trek, and making my work easy. Here is our story which went viral:

The sculpture park, Downtown Gananoque. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Small, pristine boathouses sit on the St. Lawrence, Gananoque, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE





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