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Three Collaborate in Celebrating Van Gogh in Smiths Falls

Poster internationally acclaimed film, “Loving Vincent”

By MAGGIE W, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

NOAL Pantry, Smiths Falls Library and The Station Theatre collaborate in creating an exceptional daytime event, celebrating the life and works of Artist, Vincent Van Gogh. This is a first of its kind in the greater region.

Chef Laurie Anne Brennan, NOAL Pantry, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Chef Laurie Anne Brennan, Founder of NOAL Pantry, is creating a “Van Gogh Menu” commemorating the period of the artist’s life, the late 1800s in Holland and France.

It is quite a challenge; but, this Chef is up to the task. She speaks of beef, broths, potatoes and bread in the day. An elaborate menu that would resonate with this beloved artist is in the works.

This exclusive, one-time only “dejeuner” will be served to guests also attending the first matinee screening of, “Loving Vincent,” at the beautiful Station Theatre in Smiths Falls.

The Station Theatre, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY Roger Sands

Van Gogh was a Dutchman; yet, he lived in France for an extended period with French artist, Paul Gauguin. Both artists are immemorialized in the art world as “post-impressionists.” They greatly influenced each other and this is perceptible in their work.

Karen Sheckter, Head Librarian, Smiths Falls Library

During the meal, Karen Sheckter, Head Librarian, Smiths Falls Library, will read from Van Gogh’s letter to brother Theo–also referred to in the movie. An amusing Van Gogh Trivia game will ensue with all guests; so, attendees must brush up on Van Gogh.

Following this culinary event, NOAL guests will travel to the theatre nearby to enjoy this first of its kind cinematic production, Loving Vincent. The movie progresses as paintings that come alive with drama, characters and voices that transcend its form. It is a brilliant, artistic achievement.

Lunch reservations and theatre tickets are available directly through NOAL here.

Enjoy the trailer of this unique drama created from the brush strokes of 165 artists, including one Canadian.

Details: Thursday, January 25th. Seating at NOAL begins at 11:45 am. Film at The Station Theatre starts at 2:00 pm–early arrival is recommended.

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