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FLU ALERT : Boost your immune system !

by MAGGIE M, Editor, thewedge.LIVE

There is a flu traveling across North America. Reports state, it is air-born. We are hearing that it has struck here.

Here is our quick fix–a longer story, power-packed, will go live tonight.


1) DO NOT go out if you are coughing or sneezing–stop the spread! Order groceries in. Most stores have delivery e.g. Your Independent Grocer if you order by 3pm. Also Shopper Drug Mart and other grocery stores.

2) DO NOT touch surfaces with high contact i.e. keypads, doorknobs, gas pump handles, etc… Wear gloves to guarantee this.

3) IF YOU see or hear someone cough or sneeze in a public or workplace go the other way–a cough reaches a long way.

4) ONLY GO to events and places (if you are well) and if you need to go until this flu is in decline. I have read reports today that it has peaked; but, I look for confirmation.

5) KEEP YOUR spirit up knowing your body is an amazing organism. Laughter is huge medicine. Prayer is good.


1) DO NOT eat any sugar, processed, empty foods. This is a virus–you must starve it of its favorite foods. It loves empty foods.

2) GET HIGH QUALITY probiotics–not yogurt with too few and too little variety of good bacteria. You can get them in health food stores and sections of grocery stores such as YIG, Metro… I just had a bowl of kefir–high in good bacteria.

3) EAT AS much low fructose fruits like raspberries, mango and raw, fresh vegetables as possible–to get a mix of vitamins and minerals. Organic is better.

4) HIGH QUALITY organic bone broths are amazing. I am consuming organic chicken bone broth at this very moment from a mug.

5) UP YOUR intake of vitamin C–kiwis, parsley, red pepper for an example are high. Ester-C is best, or high quality supplements are helpful.

HANG IN THERE we will publish a long-winded version of this by tonight.

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