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Countdown to Love : Julie and Peter, Perth

Julie Brunelle and Peter Wood, Featured Couple in Countdown to Love. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

BY MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

The wedge is declaring all of February, “the month of love.” One day is just not enough. Sure, February 14th is the crescendo–it’s a double whammy.

In “Countdown To Love,” we will feature people living in the wedge region (Pembroke to Kingston to Hawkesbury and every place within), lifting their love for one another until February 1st. You will be surprised; foremost, you will have love on your mind.

Love is alive and well.

The news is crammed in print and on airwaves with discord, division and hate. We need more love to counter the loud clanging sound of these echo chambers.

Today, we open with Julie Brunelle and Peter Wood, a sweet couple living in Perth.


Heritage Bikes & Rentals on Gore Street, Perth. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Julie and Peter from Perth

This young, vibrant, married couple run a bike-shop-tourist-guide-espresso-bar in Perth, Heritage Bike and Rentals. You’ll say, “Huh?” Yes Julie and Peter are also serious Tour Guides, taking people on bikes to high value spots and retelling the history of each.  To boot, they froth up a mean espresso. The business is still young–less than five years; but, you cannot tell. I muse, they are not operating at our earthly velocity.

IMG_2659This couple’s respect for each other is palpable. They finish each others’ sentences and moves within their venue–an invisible language that belong to those who have long ago become one.

Their creativity is through the charts. You see it, hear it in conversation. Peter loves “big ideas.” Together, they just seem to embrace life outside-the-box and everyone without partiality. Their love for each other is self-evident and blesses those who cross their threshold.

They are on their way to Cuba for a holiday shortly. I’ll bet they’ll be dreaming up new things to surprise tourists and locals that increasingly descend on this picture-perfect town. These former educators are the case for a meme, “similars attract.”

Enjoy the video we produced featuring Julie and Peter in 2016.

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