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Countdown to Love : Pam and Bill, Merrickville

Pam and Bill Kenny, Merrickville, Countdown To Love. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

We continue today celebrating true love in the wedge in our Countdown to Love. Today, I celebrate a sweet couple that has never left my memory. They were the subjects of my first story, written July 28, 2016, after founding The Wedge. They live in the heart of idyllic, renown Merrickville, a village 10 minutes from Kemptville and 15 from Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Pam and Bill Kenny run the amazing, Whistlestop Antiques, along the Rideau in the heart Merrickville. They also reside in the same building; this allows Bill to keep a close eye on his beloved Pam. Both have physical challenges; yet, they summon energy to run the store–and pose for my photos and answer my questions.

Pam and Bill Kenny’s shop, Whistlepost Antiques, Merrickville. Countdown to Love. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

This day, Bill shared with me increasing challenges Pam experiences from drugs, allergies and over-prescribing dosage, to control seizures. Pam’s memory has been affected by her condition; but, as Bill said, “she can remember everything about horses and caring for them,” in a not too distant past. It is heart-wrenching to hear about this unrelenting hurdle to Pam’s health. You can hear Bill’s concern in his tone.

Bill would not let me finish photographing without meeting and capturing Pam when we first met. He collected her from their living quarters and rolled her up to me in the store on her wheelchair. She was ever so charming, speaking to me about their  mascot, “Agnes,” the giraffe at the storefront. And her smile was precious, beautiful.

“Pam is Pam. I love her to death,” Bill said.

One thought on “Countdown to Love : Pam and Bill, Merrickville

  1. This is so funny! This story sat there for almost one month and now it is flying! The view on our server are climbing every 3 minutes. So glad because this sweet couple is worthy of notice. The Wedge is full of surprises.


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