Love Month / Ottawa Valley / Renfrew

Countdown to Love : Family affair in Renfrew

L – R : Maureen Hicks, Angela McCrea and Marie Schruder, family business, Renfrew, Countdown to Love. the wedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

We return to our Countdown to Love series celebrating the love that percolates in the wedge. I chose the last verb well as the family we feature today brews the finest Americano I have enjoyed in a long time. Maureen Hicks and Marie Schruder are sisters; Angela McCrea is Marie’s daughter. Together, they deliver an experience as no other in Renfrew. I can tell you why.

Marie was insistent when we covered them in our story last July that all were to be together in a photo–or nothing. When I first visited Marie, she collected her daughter to sit and collaborate on the story. She would not have it any other way. They close ranks in profound regard for each other. Their bond, one for all, all for one, is truly touching.

Marie showed such kindness to this writer. To add, she stuffed my already loaded arms with their famous, out-of-the-ordinary-spoil-me-for-any-other sticky bun. Great food is love personified. I received it. The downside, all day long I had to wash my hands before handling my camera equipment–and shaking the Mayor’s hands. Thank God for ‘wet wipes.’

This trio’s joy permeates the venue. McCrea arguably possesses the most enduring smile in this wonderful Town of Renfrew. The wedge declared Renfrew as the most welcoming town of 2017 and this family was party to its acclaim.

I may be a writer; but, I am also a watcher.

This family runs the uniquely atmospheric, Bonnechere Bakery and Bistro, Renfrew, like clockwork–and with a smile, a twinkle in their eye and a bounce in their step. Customers visibly luxuriate in this trio’s “happiness frequency.”

“Love truly makes the world go ’round.” And so, the Bonnechere.

Angela McCrea, Bonnechere Bakery and Bistro. The Best Smile in Renfrew. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

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