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Battle against tooth decay begins–without a dentist

Maggie M’s metaphor : unzipping natural dental health

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

This day, February 6, 2018, marks the official start of my battle against tooth decay. I have a few spots of concern; but, one particular molar is in deep trouble. My dentist says, “it will need a root canal.” This was not a revenue-driven suggestion by him as he does not perform root canals. He’s a nice, gentle man. It took me quite a bit of research to find him; yet, not once has he spoken to me about diet, nutrients, etc… Clearly, it is not in his wealth of knowledge.

I later called his office to say I would fight this battle naturally as I am averse to a root canal. I do not like the data I have read or the links to breast cancer. I will end up in his chair soon for a check-up. I hope to surprise him.


What I just consumed moments ago (according to the amazing Weston Price protocol) will optimize vital nutrients for dental health:

1- Melted grass-fed butter : scooped the top (as instructed by Josh Biemond) in a teaspoon to optimize vitamin K2 intake. Down the hatch.

2- 1 tsp. Carlson Cod Liver Oil. Down the hatch.

3- 1 boiled egg. Down the hatch.

4- 4000 i.u.s of vitamin D drops. Hatch now locked and loaded.

I will do this daily and may tweak as I go forward reporting on my progress.


Also in my protocol is natural dental cleaning :

1- up to 20 minutes of oil pulling : organic unrefined-virgin-organic-raw coconut oil with 3+ drops of oregano oil (it’s like a can of Raid™ to the bacteria in my mouth)–never swallow as it is filled with bacteria from your mouth. The worst! Spit in the garbage or in the toilet with vinegar to break down the oil. My dentist said there was, “little research on oil pulling.” I did not argue with him; but, there is overwhelming positive research on oil pulling. Remember that coconut oil is antibacterial.

2- brush with my rotary electric brush (bacteria hate to be shaken) for 2 minutes using homemade toothpaste:

50/50 same coconut oil and organic baking soda well-blended

several drops of oregano oil

This toothpaste will help balance the PH in my mouth too. Remember to soak you brush head in oxygen peroxide weekly.

3- Ribbon flossing–not string, as it cuts the gums and causes bleeding.

I base my plans on Dr. Weston Price’s enduring research. He was former Chairman of U.S.A.’s  National Dental Association–so he knew a thing or two.

It is important to note that I consume healthy foods and almost zero sugar. Optimizing grass-fed dairy and meats are part of this regime.

The following article already published in a previous story forms the foundation for my quest: . You will also see the link to an outstanding story (a thesis) written by Weston Price Author, Christopher Masterjohn. If you have skeletal, neurological or heart problems (most people do) you must read the story. My dental protocol will benefit all my bodily systems.

I am not the first to follow this protocol for dental health. I wish to experience it myself and report on it.

CAVEAT: My tooth has a piece broken off (about a quarter or less) and the opening is close to the pulp and a cavity present, rendering the thought of drilling improbable. I expect, pray, hope, the cavity will recede and new dentin will grow–yes, the studies show this is possible. This is not a pipe dream. Attitude helps along the way. Faith.

It is my great pleasure to be your local lab rat. Report soon!

Here is a video you must hear featuring Ramiel Nagel who has written the bestselling, “Cure Tooth Decay.” I have purchased and read his book and refer to it again and again.

This video is 100% reliable and a cost free presentation to benefit from immediately. Nagel is a renown adherent of Dr. Weston Price’s discoveries and diet protocol:

“The best dentistry is no dentistry,” Sue Clinton, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Clinton Dentistry, quotes a pundit. This amazing practice views traditional dentistry in a panoply of options for dental health. They are the only local chapter in the wedge listed by the Weston Price Foundation.

How to reach Clinton Dentistry, Kingston:  Website

5 thoughts on “Battle against tooth decay begins–without a dentist

  1. Day 2 – MAGGIE M’s Progress : Lotsa pain. Sticking to the protocol. Upped it with Diatomeceous Earth (Food Grade) one tsp on empty stomach in the morning and will follow with another tonight. And a lot of liquids. The silica in DE rebuilds bones and can contributes to strengthening of teeth i.e. dentin regrowth. Also did a mouthwashing : 3 drops of Oregano Oil with only saliva. I’m tough and can handle it.

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  2. Day 4 – Day 3 was a rough day. Fever, headaches, jaw pain…it would send many to emerg. I held my faith in my tactics. Today every symptom is lessened. I expect the tooth is healing and the cavity receding. In fact, I expect the tooth is strengthening thanks to the DE and grass-fed combo. Will update you. Time heals ALL wounds.


  3. Day 5- Wow! no pain. And little sensation when I drink hot or cold. I suspect the DE (see Miracle Mineral story) and oil pulling have made a huge difference. And when inadvertently chewing on that side I did not hit the roof. On the mend? We’ll see!


  4. Day 7- Cancelled today’s dental appointment as fever, migraines, jaw pain and tooth pain are gone. There is still some cold sensitivity at the tooth–as it a quarter is broken away. I trust this will disappear as the cavity disappears and dentin regrows. The cavity may already be gone. I continue my protocol without letting up.


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