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the wedge chooses robust, private search engine

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

The news of Google launching yet another tool to monitor people in their home was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” In an effort to weed this uninvited guest from monetizing and sharing every click we made, the move to , a world renown and increasingly popular search engine–not powered by Google–was easy.

We added DuckDuckGo to our browser today. No more Google searches.

Its algorithm is clearly very different from Google’s. We ranked in the 7th place with the two words, “the wedge.” We did not have to add any suffixes or qualifiers or domain extensions. Nice!

Privacy claim on DuckDuckGo website.

Every search we execute is private i.e. not recorded. No ads follow our searches. It’s the way it should be. And no, Eric Schmidt, “we don’t have anything to hide.” This plotting plutocrat has guilted so many into relinquishing their divine right to privacy.

We are joined to the duck tribe worldwide. It’s growing fast.

He’s kinda cute ain’t he?

(O! pardon me, not he, but “personkind.” Quak Quak Quak! QMAO!)

Love Tucker Carlson, one of the few newsmen with integrity. Watch what he uncovers about Google.

They is a huge blow-back building against Google data collection. They do not have consumer acceptance. Notwithstanding, they have 90% of the data collection market (as if this market should even exist!). Can you say, “anti-combines!” This corporation needs to be broken-up as many have for much less.

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