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Miracle Mineral Found in Perth, Carleton Place, Brockville

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

This writer opens this story appealing to your vanity. Yes, there is a fountain of youth here in the region. It does not require exercise, positive affirmatives, plastic surgery, or sitting in caverns in the heart of Italy. Once you learn about this youthful mineral in which I guarantee you are deficient, read the rest of this article.

I know my words sound like an advertorial. I assure you it is 100% un-monetized. It is however, a testimonial on my part.

Within days this mineral hardens nails and strengthens hair, and, here it comes…returns elasticity to skin. Many report a reduction of wrinkles. Now I have your attention.

“Everybody wants beautiful skin and nails. Everyone is fighting off mortality,” Mhari Crosby, Sales “Minion”, Foodsmiths, says. Crosby is a humorous natural health ambassador at the renown shop in Perth.

This miracle trace mineral is silica. 20% of the earth’s crust is made of silica. Collagen is made up of silica. It is present in a food item available here: food grade diatomaceous earth or “DE” as we more easily refer to it. No, it’s not dirt. DE is made of “diatoms”, single-celled algae harvested from dried out remains on dry land, collected and pounded into a fine powder. Under the microscope diatoms look like spiky cylinders.

Food grade diatomaceous earth available in natural health food stores.

I bought a pound of it a year ago at Foodsmiths (more suppliers below), in a sealed plastic bag. It’s not branded and it’s not expensive considering its benefits.

I consumed it for awhile and personally attest to the above transformations. Now, I am back into my stash to strengthen my teeth and bones. (It does not expire.) I expect my teeth will harden, develop new enamel and perhaps dentin. I am on my fourth dose and already my nails are hardened. The human body metabolizes nutrients quickly–especially those our bodies are starved of.

DE is extraordinary for bone health. Again, its the silica. The benefits to overall health will stupify you.

Are you ready for other reported benefits?

  • cleans out the guts from build-up and parasites (50% of the population have parasites and don’t know it)
  • eliminates metal toxins, viruses, fungus, e-coli in the body especially because the diatoms are negatively charged and attract these positively charged aliens
  • nutrient absorption will improve as your gut is cleansed
  • heals a leaky gut
  • may increase regular bowel movements
  • rids Candida–a root cause of disease
  • bone health: strengthens bones and teeth
  • can get rid of a lot mineral supplements
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reverses osteoperosis, arthritis
  • relieves sore joints
  • you can put it in your pet’s foods to deworm
  • you can preserve stored grains by mixing a little in

There’s more! But this is a good start.


* take it once a day to start tsp one in morning, one at night (preferably on an empty stomach but not obligatory) in a glass of clean water (you can start with once a day and graduate to twice a day) DO NOT inhale the dust as you handle

* stir well with each sip as it settles at the bottom

* you can add DE into your juice or squeeze a little lemon for taste

* double your intake of clean water throughout the day (some people get constipated; others start moving). I add insurance by taking a couple of natural Senna tabs or psyllium husks in a glass of water midday.

So this miracle mineral is more than a beauty treatment. It can resolve so many health challenges.


Foodsmiths, 106 Wilson St. West, Perth : 1 pd $19.99 Website

The Granary, 107 Bridge St., Carleton Place :  300 gms $10.99 Website

New Horizons, 163 Ormond Street, Towne Centre Plaza, Brockville : 750 gms $17.99 Website

Check the Natural Health Stores nearest you! They may have stock.

Here is a the science in this 2015 video:

Now watch Chef Mama Rosa (who I have followed for years): *caveat: meat is good to net vital nutrients, especially if it is grass-fed. Mama is a vegan. The world is divived meat vs. no meat. Grain fed industrial scale meat is at the root of this shift.

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