Comedy / Love Month

Last Minute Men : Annual Phenomenon

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

One of this writer’s amusing activities is to lurk at local stores, those which carry stationery on Valentine’s Day. I get a kick out of seeing men huddled at the Valentine’s section at around 5pm–at the last minute.

I did this last year with a big grin on my face. The men became self-conscious of my gaze. Soon a couple joined me in our collective lurking, “Aren’t they sweet,” we muttered in unison.

After this purchase, they will likely sit in their vehicles to write a heartfelt few words, “Love ya, Bob.” Or, Bob XOX. The printed card does the rest of the work.

Perhaps the success of Hallmark was based on “last minute men.” We women can buy ‘blank cards’ fearlessly. We’re kinda of like that. And we buy them early. It’s just how we are wired. Plus, we need blank space as we have a lot to say.

Bouquets by the “last minute men”

If the “last minute men” happen to be in a grocery store, those white bins at the cash will come in handy with pre-bundled carnations and a few other species rolled up in plastic with that impossible-to-remove bar code sticker. It’s better than nothing, right? (She surely never notices them when she does the groceries.)

Girls, have some fun tomorrow and peek in on the “last minute men”. It is a yet undocumented phenomenon among the male specie.

Yes, this is a comedic parody of sorts.

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