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Smiths Falls Two Rivers Food Hub Closes Distribution

by MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

A disheartening event took place in Smiths Falls this Valentine’s day. Two Rivers Food Hub gave up the its distribution arm today.

Gone are the customer pages on its web site that display products for selection into a virtual shopping cart and later delivery. Two Rivers is now out of the distribution business.

This is bad news for its many producers and with little to no notice.

A press release on its web site elaborates on financial distress. This will leave a valuable community of small, local farmers in relative marketing stasis. They too are expected to experience financial losses.

This is also a real blow to a community that needs local, wholesome foods.

Two Rivers states in the same press release it will continue to rent space to producers for food preparation and storage, at its Gallipeau Centre location.

A few remaining private players in Brockville, Lyndhurst, Kemptville, Rideau Ferry, and various farmers’ markets will likely take up the slack.

The wedge are staunch advocates of local farmers and good health that results from their hard work. This is sad day for many.

We wrote an encouraging story about Two Rivers last November. We had no idea of the building storm.

We will write an update on the heels of this news.


Cheryl Nash, Eco Perth, an early Founder informs: “TRFH is discontinuing its distribution arm. The commercial kitchen and long term storage components are still going strong.”

This confirms our story.

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