The Wedge

Topical Contributors Wanted : Music, Events, Food, Places, Comedy

From The Wedge Admin

We are growing. There is plenty of room for contributors. You may be an unrequited talent and our platform is yours if you have a powerful, creative, fearless voice.

You need to spell right. We don’t mind if you ignore some of E.B. White’s rules. Writing is an art. We won’t chasen if you start a sentence with a conjunction or write a dangling modifier. But, you gotta have style and “pluck!” (A leading newswriter used that qualifier regarding Maggie M’s style.)

We love pluck.

The catch is, it’s got to be associated with our region–the wedge–from Pembroke to Kingston to Hawkesbury and everything in between e.g. Ottawa, Prescott, Cornwall, Gananoque, Elgin, Ottawa Valley, Manotick, etc…

So, our favorite topics are:

  • food: making it and serving it (from farmers to restaurants to shops)
  • creative arts (music, artists, sculptors, actors…)
  • public entertainment events
  • new biz openings (who, what, when, where)
  • sports (peewee to Olympics to recreational) — different views
  • comedy (wit and Seinfeld kinda take on things)–we yearn to make people laugh

We are looking for fun, edgy, witty, brave writers. Not long-winded ones!

Another catch: we have to have photos–not optional! You do not have to be a pro. Our editing suite can do a lot. Plus, we can guide you.

So write us in confidentiality on our comment page. Link to your published stories. Give us as much info about yourself as possible including your brief history and status quo. We will call.

Here goes independent publishing. The wedge is approaching the start of its third year!

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