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Coutts dynasty leads in farming practices and healing foods

Diana and Ron Coutts, Owners of Coutts Country Flavours and farm, Rideau Ferry, Ontario (near Perth) PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE (SHARING buttons are at story’s end)

“Did you get the cow?” Diana Coutts, Co-Owner, Coutts Country Flavours, asked her husband on the phone as we concluded our first meeting. I inquired about one of their cows being on the loose. She bellowed with laughter at my question.

Turns out, Ron Coutts collects the large Holstein landmark daily upon closing, tractoring it to safety. It seems young pranksters have tried to abscond with her. She is apparently quite the catch. (Stop signs have clearly lost their cachet.)

Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Ferry, Ontario–minutes from Perth. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

This synthetic cow is a known figure in the idyllic village of Rideau Ferry. She helps customers spot the store on the corner of County Roads 18 and 1, minutes from Perth. The Coutts land extends far beyond the store, 815 acres including three farms, and among them, 100 breeding cows.

The Coutts are a fifth generation farming family. Their ancestors founded it in 1854, thirty eight years after the first settlers landed in Perth.

Coutts in Rideau Ferry, Ontario, is a 150-year Legacy Farm. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

These are no ordinary farmers. Coutts are perhaps the only farmers within 100 miles who raise 100% grass-fed cows. Many readers may not know that most conventional cattle farmers use grain feed. The few farmers who continue the wholesome tradition of a grass grazing diet, often add grain feed corrupting its powerful nutrients. Coutts harvest 600-1,000 bales of grass mixed with high moisture for the winter season.

Fact is, grain fed animals mostly consume genetically modified corn and soy. The reports of animals developing disease on these grain diets are widespread yet “swept under the rug”.

“I don’t like GMO,” Ron Coutts says. “We are traditional farmers.”

I chuckled at Diana’s simple answer to my request to describe their business in an elevator ride. “We have a store and a farm,” she replied. There are no embellishments. This is a healthy sign for customers.

The Coutts are up at 6 am. Eleven to fifteen hour days are standard especially in the summer months. Diana runs the shop simultaneously baking, cooking bone broth and stews in their 1,000+ square feet store. It is ostensibly a full grocery store carrying their own products and those of a few dozen local producers and farmers.

Diana Coutts retrieves carrot cake from the oven. Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Perry, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Grass-fed beef bone broth simmers at Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Ferry, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Grass-fed meat and milk by-products are fast becoming the rage. This is not a fad. The demand is greater than the supply. This writer is convinced that the declining state of health is the driver. People are simply waking up to the importance of healthy, nutrient dense diets.

Grass-fed organ meats and bone broth are recognized by top nutritionists as the most nutrient-packed foods. This includes renown, Dr. Eric Berg, DC and Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Jordan Rubin. (I have linked to their videos directly related to the case made here.) The Weston Price Foundation in Washington, D.C., offers a mountain of research and articles related to grass-fed meats and high nutrition.

Oddly, there is still confusion. Can you say, “big lobby”?

There are “die-hard-meat-people” and “don’t-even-speak-of-dairy-or-meat!” people. The latter have gravitated to vegan diets believing they can get their protein from beans and nuts. Unfortunately, if nuts, legumes and grains are not fermented or sprouted they can cause serious mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Unfermented soy–tofu, soy milk and soy-based products–can be a serious health hazard. See the writings and research of Dr. Kaayla Daniel, Arizona. I have read her extensive research in her book regarding soy in her bestselling, The Whole Soy Story. She is ultimately a nutritionist and addresses all foods.

The human body speaks by manifesting its malnutrition in disease and ironically, obesity. It requires optimal vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. There is no escape from this biological fact.


Grass-fed cows at Coutts Farm, Rideau Ferry, Ontario

Enter safe, nutrient dense, grass-fed meat and dairy. Vitamin K2 is so vital to our health it is best sourced from grass-fed beef. K2 is critical for absorption of Vitamins A, D, calcium and bone development. Coutts Country Flavours is well stocked with this precious, rare food–cuts, stews, prepared meals and bone broths.

I have consumed Coutts broth, beef stew, t-bone steak, liver with bacon–all were exceptional in quality and reasonably priced. I have also enjoyed the delicious and light carrot cake and fresh frozen organic berries. I view this store as vital to my health and essential to the nutrition protocol I am following to heal my bones, heart and teeth. Frankly, they had me at “grass-fed”–I would have eaten glass to get it.

I first learned about Coutts from Jim Beveridge, Owner of B & H Your Community Grocer in Kemptville–another exceptional purveyor of grass-fed beef raised by Coutts. For those who are located far East, Biemonds in Iroquois offer high quality grass-fed milk and cheese (also sold at B & H).

This story about Coutts is timely, good news on the heels of Two Rivers Food Hub closing its direct food sales. They are located 5 mins from Perth and 15 minutes from Smiths Falls; but, it is worth driving to Rideau Ferry–no matter how far–and stocking up on grass-fed beef cuts and meals.

There is a new player coming on the scene soon, By The Seasons, Brockville. Founder, Sara Nicholson, aims to deliver fresh, organic produce, grass-fed beef and prepared organic meals to the region. She is also a Contributor for the wedge. Her timing could not be better.

Coutts Country Flavours is well-stocked in grass fed cuts, bone broths, stews and prepared meals. Rideau Ferry, Ontario PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Coutts is well frequented by locals. The doors opened and closed continually during our interview. Some customers have driven from Ottawa to get these hard-to-find foods including its maple syrup.

Coutts Maple bread and maple pies are in high demand. The farm also saps and produces endless maple products–small rewards for eating well.

“My daughter-in-law had breast cancer. I feel better serving her grass meats and organics from Coutts,” says Judy Town, Rideau Ferry. Indeed, there is hope and healing in good food.

Coutts Country Flavours is clearly the beating heart of the village.

Beautiful preserves from organically grown vegetables and fruits. Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Ferry, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Organic fruits and vegetables for the winter months. Famous Coutts Maple pies. The freezers are well stocked at Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Ferry. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Crickets anyone? A good source of protein in powder form–or crunchy. Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Ferry, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Inside view of Coutts Country Flavours, Rideau Ferry, Ontario. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

NOTE: The store is open Wednesday to Sunday–closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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