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Competing Broadcast Networks in Smiths Falls and Perth at the same time

Matthew Kupfer, CBC conducts interview at 18 Russell Street, pop-up location, Smiths Falls PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

On the heels of hearing CTV Morning Show is appearing in Perth, Monday, March 5th, to feature its businesses, the wedge trips on CBC camped in a pop-up location on Russell Street East, Smiths Falls.

CBC is airing their radio show live, Tuesday at 5:30 am. Sprinklings of social media posts including live interviews continue to build up to their live radio broadcasts, March 6th.

What’s the deal with both networks attending the belly of the wedge region at the same time? Did the planets align in a rare celestial event?

Are networks vying for the hearts of communities to pull their audiences from the clenches of the web?

“That’s odd,” say Liz Wood and Sheldon Giff about the coinciding schedules in neighbouring towns, fifteen minutes by car. It sure is.

Beautiful Coffee Culture, site of CBC interview March 6, 2018, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Lizabeth Wood, Chair of Smiths Falls BIA and Manager Extraordinaire, Coffee Culture, is to be their first interview. At a fast moving pace the team will visit many businesses to air their words about Smiths Falls–live. Sheldon Giff, Owner, Rideau Candy Shoppe, is also on the program. I wonder, will he tap his comedy bits. Off hours Giff is a stand-up comic; but, he takes Smiths Falls very seriously as a long-time BIA Board Member.

CTV covering Perth shops, March 5, 2018. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

In Perth, Kari Clarke, Head of Perth BIA, will assist CTV magnificently–of this there is no doubt. Brand new shops like Likkuid Sole and Flint and Honey will likely be in front of the camera. Perth shop owners tell me CTV is exploring Perth for regional shopping experiences.

So both towns will be abuzz with network broadcasts at the break of dawn–when this writer is still in deep REM–on two consecutive days.


I spoke with the CBC team who were quintessential Hosts to the public. In hindsight, I should have shared my deepest convictions.

I’ve covered this town enough in my travels that I can say without hesitation, Smiths Falls is a tourism destination. This golden stop in the wedge is also the most under-celebrated. Among its claims-to-fame are:

  • the deepest lock in the historic Rideau–if you have vertigo, stand back!
  • the widest main street in Ontario
  • the historic bascule bridge, a technological achievement built in 1912
  • the extraordinary Railway Museum of East Ontario–within the actual cars
  • the bucolic Murphy and Centennial parks on the Rideau, surrounded with cascading waters
  • the two tiniest islands (probably anywhere), Duck Island and Turtle Island, accessed by suspended walkways, in the middle of whitewater
  • a small pristine sand beach attended by its two mascots, a pair of famous canoodling swans
  • an extensive diving, swimming ridge on the Rideau that keeps the kids happy for hours (newly powered-up by Niknaks kayak rentals and snack bar)
  • the Train Station Theatre on the edge of the tracks, beautifully restored with high quality performances and screenings
  • a Heritage Museum that rivals the best

There is plenty to keep visitors busy for a full day or two. Boaters who line the Rideau during warm weather linger and soak in its beauty.


Among its attractions are its people–open-hearted and friendly. Here are just a few faces we have captured since 2016.

Dawn Quinn, Owner, Dawn’s Closet vintage shop, and, Councillor, Smiths Falls, toasting the launch of Cafe Whim PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Centre: Lynne Houle, Co-Owner, Davidson Courtyard, historic, restored high-profile shop enclave, Smiths Falls PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Young entrepreneur, Jessica Webster, before the launch of co-working biz, Meraki, Smiths Falls PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Nicola Thomson guides her first customers at launch of Niknaks outfitter, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

L – R : Jessica Webster, Tracey Pankow and positive voice, Mayor Shawn Pankow at Meraki soiree. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Michele Baitley, fashionista and friend to all. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Lockmaster Jack Harris and staffer, Meghan, open the locks manually at Old Slys. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Vanessa MacLellan, repurposing maven, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

L-R: John Joynt and Ron MacMillan, charmers and farmers, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Inventor, winner of CBC Dragon’s Den, Prim Singh, Wonton Crunch, Smiths Falls. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Liz Wood, Manager Coffee Culture, and town favorite. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Beautiful Ingrid Bron, Smiths Falls’ head of Tourism. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Keely Maddock, Heritage House Museum. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Chris Evoy, visibly the town’s favorite printer. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Laurie Anne Brennan, passionate foodie, NOAL. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Mr. P.R., Jordan Sinclair, Tweed-Canopy Growth. He sunk the first ball. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE


One thought on “Competing Broadcast Networks in Smiths Falls and Perth at the same time

  1. I am not happy with the reports from CBC. I have tweeted my discontent. Why show up and dig up negatives when the Town has so much to offer. Read their hashtag on Twitter #cbcyouarehere and their written stories. I hope CBC snaps out of it before their live broadcast tomorrow. This town endures unfair judgment from people who don’t know it. I know Smiths Falls and can tell you it has a LOT to offer. I have been here long enough to know–not just a few days. Maggie M, Editor, The Wedge. p.s. Smiths Falls is working diligently on its revitalization as every town is at the moment. Patience and confidence is needed by those who point at a dust bunny under treasures. This is a very historic region of Canada–East Ontario–so age is built-in. It is part of its beauty and charm.


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