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Slalom into Spring : Calabogie, Pakenham

Calabogie Peaks, Municipality of Greater Madawaska, Ontario.

By MAGGIE M, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

“As you climb on the chairlift in Sunshine (Banff, Alberta) a sign in the snow reads, ‘Welcome to British Columbia’,” I shared with a wide-eyed, young downhill skier while running errands today. I love to see the puzzled expression. “You cross the provincial border on the chair,” I explained.

On this first day of Spring, the last thing many of you want to read about is more snow; but, some of us cling to unfulfilled desires.

To think I went through this winter without pulling my parabolics out of storage is just criminal. Under an hour from Ottawa, Calabogie Ski Resort, features the highest vertical drop in Ontario. I should be wearing a boot alright.

Wait! Spring skiing is in full swing at Calabogie their site announces–through Easter and perhaps longer. There is still time for me to get a full pardon.

It would nice to ski without icicles dangling from my nose.

Mount Pakenham, Municipality of Mississippi Mills, Ontario.

If I don’t make it there, Mount Pakenham, packs a whole lot of fun–especially for the whole family. They offer tubing on the hills too. The village of Pakenham is so charming it makes a complete getaway.

“I got off the chair on one ski smoothly,” I continued with my captivated listener. (The other ski fell off.) That tends to earn me a good jaw-drop. The story is unimpressive to initiates, until they are told I was a beginner just trained on the tow-rope. That was many moons ago.

I am beyond the green circle into the blue square zone now, where many of us stay stuck year after year. Never a black diamond shall I be. But what pleasure it is to meander down the hills, alone with the wind and the sky as far as you can see.

Beautiful Calabogie Peaks Resort, near Renfrew Ontario

Skiers at the mountain top, Calabogie Peaks Resort, Ontario

Apres-ski, Calabogie Peaks Resort, Ontario

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