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Disease VS. CBD Oil : Tweed Has A Higher Calling

The flowers are methodically separated from the plants at Tweed, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada PHOTO By the wedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor, the wedge.LIVE 🖤 TO SHARE click icons at story’s end

As the chatter grows on recreational marijuana, exclamations of joy are erupting all over the planet with testimonies of recovery from the use of cannabis oil.

In Smiths Falls, healing chocolate that made the town famous has been replaced with healing oil. Its fame is sustained.

Cancer diagnoses and myriad diseases are reportedly checkmated by the consumption of CBD oil. Increasingly, people are opting-out of chemotherapy, opioids and drugs, and choosing alternative therapies. Cannabis oil is high among them.

Tweed’s New CBD launch, April 24, 2108

Tweed, AKA Canopy Growth, just released its proprietary “Tweed CBD” oil, April 24th, 2017. The company has been producing CBD oil for years. This is their latest iteration.

This corporation is growing at a fast-pace, outgrowing the former Hershey’s plant in Smiths Falls. Its growth is accelerating to the point where recruiting outside the town has become necessary.

Tweed is doing a lot of good generating jobs and producing non-toxic, natural products to improve quality of life. This corporation has a higher calling beyond returning healthy dividends on the TSE (WEED). Investors are rubbing their palms on news of parent, Canopy Growth. Just a day ago there was talk about an acquisition at the top tier. We are watching this segment closely.

The wedge reports here on people returning to health using cannabis oil. We can imagine some producers are somewhat constrained in making such claims; nevertheless, doctors are prescribing it by demand–or sheer outcry.

This writer long ago reported on the complete healing of my brother afflicted with Stage 3 Hodgkins. Scared us all. My parents as conservative as they were, no vices between them, were appreciative. Two decades later, he is still thriving. This is just one story.

Joy Smith, The Coventry Woman

We discovered this recent, impressive testimony from a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer and as few as six weeks to “get her things in order.” She lives in UK where it is still criminalized. Smith is clear to identify the THC in the cannabis oil.

Joy live on a talk show:



More Reports

Dr. William Courtney, 8 month old baby with cancer

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Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001. It is relatively decriminalized in several nations : Mexico, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Czech Republic, Uruguay, Peru, Estonia, Switzerland, Paraguay, Portugal and Argentina. In these nations, possession, use and cultivation all have different legal status. This topic is still politically charged. Meanwhile, people in many nations including UK are deprived of vitality and life itself.

While you wait for the hegemony of failed medical protocols, come to Tweed in Smiths Falls, Ontario. The attention you will get and the knowledge base you have access to is almost unprecedented.

You will find respite in a beautiful and welcoming region we named, the wedge (because of its shape.) Let the discourse intensify on this miracle ingredient from nature.

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Mothers’s Room, where it all begins at Tweed Inc, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

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