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Tick-Talk : Washington Legislates Lyme, Predators, Permethrin, Protocols

This female tick just laid over 2,000 eggs. She will die leaving quite a legacy.

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor,the wedge.LIVE

Well, this is going to be a regular column now that Lyme Disease is global, trending and finally receiving attention in Washington, D.C. It’s been a long wait–25 years, many say.

It is estimated by the CDC there are 20 tick borne diseases including a new Asian tick in New Jersey. One tick is so lethal its victims become paralyzed and succumb in a few days. Most ticks carrying pathogens (80%) cause a lifetime of suffering with no cure or standard of care in the medical profession. Hopefully, the U.S. now addressing this epidemic will trigger change in Canada.

There are many vectors in the tick population. They hop onto all mammals or humans to feed on their blood for up to three days. These “tiny vampires” that can alter life on this planet single-handedly–unless the public learns all there is to know to avert them.  They are particular dangerous because they are almost imperceptible. And you cannot feel their bite as they numb their prey with their saliva. This is how pernicious this creature is.


I heard a smart idea from a landscaper. “Let’s send a predator into the wild,” she said–one that will seek the ticks and consume them. The tick is an arachnid specie. Perhaps millipedes would be a great idea. In the food chain there has to be several predators for the tick. We need to consider every possibility.

Opossums will reduce ticks as they eat them in their grooming process. Quails will eat ticks without cease. Can quails be scattered in the wild? If predators can be disseminated in the wild tick numbers can drop below their birth rate. This discussion must take place sooner than later.


Permethrin kills ticks shortly after contact; yet, in Canada it is not available. This is the same chemical in pet flea collars. I have visited the store shelves; they are covered with the more toxic DEET and Roundup which do not kill ticks. Accordingly, Canadians are obliged to order permethrin on-line from U.S. This must be allowed in Canada–no ifs, ands or buts.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.50.38 AM

Sawyer permethrin is among the best brands in U.S.

Permethrin can be sprayed on shoes and pant legs. A tick will not have the stamina to crawl and feast after crossing this chemical barrier. It will drop to the ground and die.

Consideration to spraying it around homes, campgrounds, paths will give added protection. Imagine a barrier from pestilences!

Clothing suffused with permethrin are also for sale in U.S., but not here. These garments are effective after as many as 60 washes, it is reported. Again, permethrin must be made available in Canada.


Once a tick has bored into the flesh pulling it straight out is a bad idea. Metal tweezers tend to sever its “head” leaving it with all its pathogens in the flesh. The often seen drawing from the CDC shown in our previous story pulls the tick straight out with metal tweezers–this fails often.

The special tweezers and method below are ideal. Special plastic tweezers will prevent breaking the tick in two; but, twisting it gently will make it release. Then you can clean the wound with alcohol. I found this product at the local Pet Valu for $7.99. Most pet shops will have this brand or similar in stock. It is good for humans too.


A vaccine does not deal with the tick population–it does not arrest the problem at its root. Many people are allergic to adjuvents in vaccines. This is not a panacea especially since there can be many pathogens in one tick–bacterial and viral.


At this moment, an immediate intake of Doxycycline over an extended period of time is the protocol. This has worked for many people; but, there are reports of the disease returning from dormancy. Hospitals here in our region, turn patients away saying, “wait three days to see if you have symptoms.” This could be 6-7 days after a bite and frankly is an appalling response. Clinics reportedly prescribe two days at 200mg! Patients here have to find a doctor who will cooperate in prescribing the required course. All patients report that two weeks is not enough.


Nano silver or colloidal silver keeps pathogens from thriving; yet, this life saving natural product is hard to find. Health Canada instructed pet stores to discard it four weeks ago. There are no adverse reactions to report on this natural remedy. It is used by hospitals on burn victims to prevent infection. You might be able to still find a high quality CS in your local health food shop. If this protocol is added by victims early, I am guessing the pathogens will be challenged and die. I have consumed colloidal silver for over a decade.

Oxygenating the blood is critical. Pathogens do not survive in an oxygen rich environment such as blood with a balanced pH or somewhat alkaline. People are generally acidic from poor food choices. A story is coming on transforming your pH overnight and maintaining it. It’s all in the diet.


Last Friday, May 18, 2018, Congressman Christopher H. Smith, New Jersey, introduced the National Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Control and Accountability Act of 2018 (HR-5878) in Congress.

In their press release:

  • a new Office of Oversight and Coordination for Tick-Borne Diseases include expansion and enhancement of epidemiological research & basic translational, clinical and biomedical research;
  • expansion and improvement of surveillance and reporting of Lyme and TBD including coinfections;
  • development of effective diagnostic tests to accurately and timely diagnose Lyme & TBD, including direct detection tests;
  • development of treatments to cure or improve the lives of those affected with Lyme & TBD or who suffer from tick-induced disorder;
  • design and conduct clinical trials of sufficient size and duration to support clinical recommendations; development of patient registries;
  • documentation of experiences of health care professionals in diagnosing TBD;
  • inclusion individuals with chronic Lyme disease in clinical, research, and service efforts; and coordination with international bodies to integrate and inform the fight against Lyme and TBD globally.

Here is the Bill’s full text.


It’s time for Canada to match this Act with our own. There are as many victims per capita here as there are in U.S. And the numbers are climbing. I am confident that they are overwhelmingly under-reported.

We simply must care about our citizens, families and friends and act now. Begin by sharing this widely. Start the conversation. One life saved is worth it.

You can read our previous posts on Lyme Disease as shown below.

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One thought on “Tick-Talk : Washington Legislates Lyme, Predators, Permethrin, Protocols

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